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An Arizona mother and her boyfriend, both 20, were arrested this week for allegedly killing her 2-year-old son and then lying to police about the source of the boy’s horrific injuries. Leilah Lopez and Johnny Brazell II were arrested Tuesday and each charged with first-degree murder and child abuse in the brutal murder of young Braxton Lopez, authorities announced. According to the Glendale Police Department in Arizona, officers and firefighters responded at approximately 10 a.m. m. on May 16 to a 911 call made by Brazell, who allegedly told the emergency dispatcher that Braxton had been attacked by a dog earlier that day and that he was gone. breathing.

Arriving on scene, first responders reportedly observed multiple injuries on the boy, including “numerous bruises throughout Braxton,” GPD spokeswoman Gina Winn said during a news conference Wednesday. Paramedics attempted life-saving measures on the boy and transported him to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead.

Leilah Lopez and Johnny Brazell Age

The age of both Leilah Lopez and Johnny Brazell is 20 years.


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Leilah Lopez and Johnny Brazell accused of  killing 2-year-old son

Medical personnel allegedly told police that Braxton had a multitude of injuries in varying stages of healing, indicating that he was the victim of prolonged and regular physical abuse. During Lopez and Brazell’s initial interviews, both reportedly provided “long” stories about how Braxton had been attacked by a dog earlier that day. However, police said there were “many discrepancies” in the accounts told by each suspect.

“When confronted with these discrepancies, Brazell admitted to killing Braxton,” Winn said. “In the morning, Braxton was trying to remove a blanket from a window, which is a very common thing for a child, and Brazell walked into the room and punished him for doing it.”

Brazell allegedly admitted to “picking up Braxton by the leg and dangling him in the air by the leg”, then grabbed a belt and “punched Braxton repeatedly all over the body”. “He also, while holding [Braxton’s] legs, threw him against the furniture causing significant head injuries where he had skull fractures,” Winn testified.


Brazell allegedly told investigators that he intentionally dropped the boy headfirst onto the hardwood floor multiple times. In addition to the skull fracture and bruising, Braxton also suffered lacerations to his head and bruises around his eyes, according to Winn.

After the fatal beating, Brazell allegedly told Lopez what had happened and then took another child to a doctor’s appointment, leaving Braxton in the care of his mother. Instead of calling 911 or seeking medical attention for Braxton, who was noticeably struggling to breathe, Lopez allegedly gave the boy a bath and then put him down for a nap.

Winn said Lopez eventually called Brazell back to the house when the boy’s breathing worsened. By the time he got there, Braxton had already stopped breathing. Lopez and Brazell then talked to each other and “fabricated” the story about the boy being attacked by a dog while out walking, police said.


When the two were left alone in an interview room, Brazell could allegedly be heard telling Lopez, “The story we talked about didn’t work,” authorities said. “This is an unimaginable nightmare for a child. You talk about kids having nightmares when they sleep and this kid had them every day,” Winn said.Read More…..


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