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Former Bath rugby player Levi Davis, who went missing at Spain’s Barcelona, was allegedly being hunted by criminals over a massive debt, amounting to more than $122,000. Last seen leaving an Irish pub in Barcelona on October 29, 2022, Davis’s passport was recovered from the port of Barcelona in November.

According to recent media reports, the missing 24-year-old ‘X Factor’ star may have drowned in Barcelona. Amid reports that Davis’ bank card and phone have not been used since he went missing in October last year, his family has hired a private investigator to look for him. According to a report in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia, a member of the private detective team claimed that Davis fled to Barcelona to escape gang members who were after him over his debt of more than $122K.

“Davis came to Barcelona fleeing from these criminals. He had adopted a hectic lifestyle and was in a very delicate situation. The truth is that he was sure he was being followed,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed member of the private detective team as saying. As the search for the missing X Factor star continues, here’s a look at his earnings and net worth.


Levi Davis Age

The age of Levi Davis was 24 years.

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Levi Davis net worth

Davis, who began his rugby career with Bath in 2017 and featured on ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’ in 2019, is worth around $4 million. The annual earnings from him were reported to be between $80K and $85k. However, due to the lack of public records regarding the details of his contract, it is impossible to absolutely determine his exact net worth. While most celebrity trackers estimate his net worth to be between $4 million and $6 million as of 2022, a report from The SportsGrail claims that in 2020, he was worth $250,000.

After staying at Bath for three years, in 2020 Davis joined Ealing Trailfinders on a permanent transfer, signing a two-year contract. Before signing the contract, he had joined Ealing on loan for the remainder of the 2019-20 RFU Championship. In 2021, he joined Worthing Raiders, making his debut against Henley Hawks.


He was also part of the Try Star group along with fellow rugby players Thom Evans and Ben Foden on the 2019 edition of ‘The X Factor: Celebrity’, placing fifth in the competition. After his disappearance last year, Davis’s family reportedly offered a £10,000 (more than $122,000) reward for leads that would help find the missing rugby star.Read More….

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