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Daniela Pichardo was Gutiérrez’s fiancée. They got engaged in February 2022 and married in 2023. According to her Facebook profile, Pichardo’s hometown was Colotán in the city of Jalisco in Mexico and she lived there before she died. She studied interior design at the Autonomous University of Durango, Zacatecas. She did her master’s degree in architectural design from the same university.

According to TV Azteca, the authorities say that the truck in which Gutiérrez, Pichardo and others were traveling was found riddled with 12 bullet wounds and with blown tires and deployed airbags.

An architect from Ohio, José Gutiérrez, 36, who disappeared on Christmas Day 2022 in Mexico, was found dead along with his fiancée, Daniela Pichardo, and her two relatives.


Daniela Pichardo Age

The age of Daniela Pichardo was 36 years.

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Daniela Pichardo cause of death

Gutierrez visited Mexico to meet his fiancée, something his family says he did often since they were in a long-distance relationship. His death was announced by his employer, Champlin Architecture, in a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 24. “He was a valued member of the Champlin team, working on projects for clients including The Christ Hospital, Hamilton County, St.


Elizabeth Healthcare, and the University of Cincinnati. His work improved the lives of people in the community he chose to do. his home. We will all miss him more than words can express.” he wrote the signature.

According to local media, local authorities in Mexico found four bodies in the state of Zacatecas last week and three of the four bodies were identified as Pichardo, his sister and his cousin. The fourth body was believed to be the remains of Gutierrez, according to Ohio’s Fox 19 News, pending DNA confirmation. The match was confirmed and returned with 99% accuracy.Read More…..

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