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Terrifying footage captured the moment a woman allegedly tried to drag a four-year-old boy away from his Ohio home while posing as a Child Protective Services worker to “scare his parents.” Lisa Nacrelli, 44, was arrested and charged with seduction of minors Monday in Cincinnati after the boy’s family alerted authorities to the alleged attempted kidnapping of her.

Family security video appears to show Nacrelli approaching the boy as she sits on her bike in front of her Norwood home on Saturday. The woman is then seen talking to the boy for several minutes and running her hands through her hair and back. The boy’s father, Timothy Spradlin, told FOX19 NOW that after a few minutes of interacting with Nacrelli, the boy became uncomfortable with the way she was touching him.

“She touched him uncomfortable enough that he put his hands up,” the father said. We have taught him the danger of strangers, and he put up his hands and said, “I have to go talk to my mother.” In fact, the video shows the moment the boy tells the woman that he has to go into the house to look for her mother.


Lisa Nacrelli Age

The age of Lisa Nacrelli is 44 years.

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Charges on Lisa Nacrelli

Jaimie Spradlin, the boy’s mother, told ABC affiliate WCPO that Nacrelli then introduced herself as a CPS worker, holding up a name tag and “reciting the names of her children.” Nacrelli asked if she could inspect the family home and claimed that she was there because someone had filed a report, Spradlin said. The woman left after inspecting the house.

The family then reportedly contacted CPS and was told there was no case involving them and that the agency had not sent a representative to her home. “It was all a lie, and now we’re sitting here as well as angry that this happened, terrified that I don’t know what his plan was,” the boy’s mother said.


“I know you told my son that he has a black vehicle and that there is a very nice car seat for him.” Nacrelli claimed in court that she had been drinking since she woke up on the day of the incident. “I walked to Kroger to buy more beer on the way home. I saw a little boy who I felt was not being supervised, so in an attempt to scare the father, I pretended to be CPS,” he told the court.

But the boy’s mother insists that Nacrelli asked the boy to come with her three times. “Your intent was clearly to take my son, to convince him to walk down the street with you to this house, that he didn’t even know you lived so close, which is terrifying in itself,” Spradlin said.

According to WCPO, Nacrelli lives a few blocks from Spradlin’s house. She is unemployed and has a criminal record that includes arrests for disorderly conduct in 2005 and 2011. Police said Nacrelli was also charged with robbery and impersonation of an officer on Tuesday.


Ella Nacrelli wept during her bond hearing Tuesday, after which she was released on her own recognizance with electronic monitoring. The boy’s father wrote on Facebook on Monday: “This woman who touched my son is on the streets. She this woman needs to be disowned.Read More……

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