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HAVERFORDWEST, PEMBROKESHIRE – A two-year-old girl was found with 101 injuries after she was allegedly murdered by her mother’s boyfriend, who claimed the family dog had pushed her down the stairs, a trial was heard on Wednesday 8th March. Lola James died of a severe brain injury after Kyle Bevan, 31, attacked her at her Pembrokeshire home. Despite her “nasty and violent temper” of hers, James’s mother had allowed Bevan to move in just four months before the “frantic and extremely violent attack”.

The girl’s mother, Sinead James, 30, is accused of allowing the girl’s death. However, she claimed to have been asleep when James suffered a series of injuries and insisted that Bevan had no reason to harm her daughter. Swansea Crown Court heard that James had suffered 101 injuries, including “bruises all over her little body and chafing on her skin”, by doctors at the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. She also experienced extensive damage to every part of both retinas along with brain injury. James was just two years and nine months old when she died four days after her hospitalization.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees KC told the court that Bevan conducted Internet searches for information about “infants suffering head impact and unconsciousness” at 6:32 a.m. m. on the morning of the alleged attack on July 17, 2020. In addition, she took photos and recorded a video. of James’s head injuries. The 31-year-old waited nearly an hour before telling his mother, Alison Bevan, to call an ambulance at 7:28 a.m. at her family home in Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.


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The age of Lola James was 2 years.

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Lola James allegedly murdered by her mother’s boyfriend

“Prosecutors said it took Kyle Bevan that hour to fabricate lies to protect himself and find an excuse for how this little girl had gone from being alive and well to being in such a dangerous state while she was alone with him. he needed time to cover her tracks. When the paramedics arrived, they found that Lola had been dressed but was wet and Lola was seriously ill. She was unconscious, although she was still breathing and her head and face were swollen. Bruises were observed on Lola’s forehead. Kyle Bevan continued to try to explain things away by blaming the family dog for pushing Lola down the stairs. The prosecution said it was a deliberate lie to cover up his guilt,” Rees told the court during the trial, according to the Daily Mail.

On the other hand, James’ mother knew about the “nasty and violent temper” of her boyfriend, but she chose to “prioritize her relationship with him over the physical safety of her own daughter.” Rees said: “We say that although Kyle Bevan was not Lola’s biological father, she should have been able to trust him as an adult in her home not to cause him any harm. We say that he grossly abused that trust. We also say that Lola should have been able to relying on her own mother to keep her safe from harm and physical risk. Sinead James, the prosecution says, seriously failed in her duty to her young son.”


Going back to when doctors were called, Bevan “immediately tried to save himself” rather than help the girl get medical attention, the court heard. He, in fact, filmed himself trying to hold a two-year-old girl after performing a “frenzy attack” on her. Bevan sent the “disturbing 22-second film” to his mother Alison, who urged him to call the doctors. The footage was recorded 26 minutes after Bevan conducted a series of Internet searches, one of which read: “My two-year-old son has just been hit in the head and has gone limp and snoring. What’s up?

The prosecutor added that James could be heard making a “snoring sound” in the clip shown to the jury. “Once again, the prosecution asks if this really was an accident, why would Kyle Bevan spend time making a recording like this instead of doing everything possible to contact the emergency services,” he said. Crime scene photos showed a “sparkling clean bathroom” while the rest of the house was littered with clutter and toys. “Despite the fact that the house was generally dirty and untidy, the bathroom appeared to be immaculate as if it had been recently cleaned.

Also recovered in the course of the search was a gray onesie wet and stained with vomit and blood from a child who was found in the The prosecution said that the combination of these characteristics shows that Kyle Bevan was desperately trying to cover his tracks, even cleaning the bathroom in which we say he put Lola, perhaps to revive her after her attack or to cleanse her of blood and vomit. Curtains and a sheet were recovered from the washing machine,” Rees said of the evidence, according to the outlet.


Bevan has claimed that James had two falls: the first fall was when he fell from the ladder of a bunk bed in his room at night and the second in the morning when the dog pushed her down the stairs. James’s mother, Sinead, said she heard a knock at midnight and found Bevan comforting her daughter in her bedroom. “He told her that Lola had hit her head. This is the case of Sinead James who went back to sleep until Kyle Bevan woke her up by telling her that Lola had fallen down the stairs,” Rees said. Both Bevan and Sinead have denied charges of murder and causing or permitting the death of a child, respectively. The trial, due to the last four weeks, continues.Read More…..

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