Man shot dead inside Virginia Commonwealth University

VIRGINIA: A tragic report comes from Virginia Commonwealth University where a person was shot to death inside a hospital. The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday, May 10, according to the authorities. It was triggered by an altercation between two men. The victim’s body was found inside a stairwell at VCU Medical Center North Hospital, and the suspected shooter was soon located and arrested by police, according to WTVR. Man shot dead inside Virginia Commonwealth University.

Man shot dead inside Virginia Commonwealth University hospital at midnight

Authorities told the outlet that no one else was involved in the shooting and no additional injuries were reported. Officials have yet to name the victim or the shooter. VCU police updated online that a call was received after midnight reporting gunshots and an active threat at the Richmond hospital. After several hours, VCU Police in coordination with the Richmond Police Department restored normalcy after taking the suspect into custody. Both will now investigate the incident, as per the update from officials, according to WTVR.

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“We are in the process of locating and identifying individuals who may have witnessed this and providing counseling resources, but obviously this is a very, very traumatic event,” VCU Police Chief John Venuti said. He added that the department will work with hospital staff and “explain to them what happened, explain the level of response from the police and move on.” One man is dead and another man is in custody after a shooting inside VCU Medical Center North Hospital in downtown Richmond early Wednesday morning.


Charges in the shooting case will be determined by police and the district attorney’s office, said Rich Edwards, acting chief of the Richmond Police Department. “While we don’t have all the answers, it’s important not only for the staff and patients here, but also for the broader community to understand that the situation is no longer an active threat to the community,” Edwards said. “There is a suspect in custody, and we will determine in consultation with the Commonwealth’s attorney what charges are appropriate at this time.”Read More……

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