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NEW JERSEY: A New Jersey man and his wife Marc Ferraiolo and Ruth Patton were arrested Sunday, April 30, for attempting to run over two police officers with a car. Evesham Township police officers were seen taking cover on surveillance video when a rowdy driver in a white car began ramming one of his police cars.

He backed up and repeatedly drove forward, crashing into the canine vehicle, and struck the vehicle four times,” Evesham Township Police Chief Walt Miller said, according to CBS News. Authorities were investigating a car crash around 1 a.m. in Taunton. Lake Road when they say 23-year-old Marc Ferraiolo passed twice in a white Hyundai sedan at an estimated speed of 80 mph in a 45 mph zone.

Marc Ferraiolo and Ruth Patton age

The age of Marc Ferraiolo and Ruth Patton is 23 and 45 years respectively.


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why Marc Ferraiolo and Ruth Patton are arrested?

Marc Ferraiolo was charged with two counts of first-degree murder of a police officer, two counts of third-degree aggravated assault on a police officer, two counts of third-degree elusion, four counts of fourth-degree criminal mischief and fourth degree crime degree injuries from a police dog. His wife, Ruth Patton, 42, was charged with third-degree terrorist threats and fourth-degree obstruction of justice.

Officers present at the scene of the accident provided details of the car to other officers in the area. An officer attempted to initiate a traffic stop near the intersection of Willowbend and Evans streets, but refused to stop. However, they later confronted Ferraiolo at his home after authorities obtained an arrest warrant for him.

Patton got out of the vehicle when Ferraiolo pulled into his driveway and officers moved their vehicles behind him as he remained inside. According to police, the man was asked to get out of his vehicle, which he refused and instead put his vehicle in reverse and began driving. “He reversed the vehicle and maneuvered the vehicle to try to run over two of the officers who were standing on the side of the driveway. Fortunately, the officers were able to jump out of the way, not be struck by the vehicle, but he was very close to hitting them,” Miller said.


He then reportedly struck a police vehicle with a K9 unit inside and then drove towards the two officers who were nearly struck as he was backing up the driveway. Ferraiolo allegedly rammed the K9 vehicle three times after driving across his neighbor’s lawn. He then tried to flee the scene again. He struck two more police vehicles as he tried to leave the scene until his Hyundai was disabled.

Authorities approached before Ferraiolo could get out of the vehicle and pulled him out of the interior. He received medical attention and was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. Police added that as they were pulling him out of his vehicle, Patton allegedly tried to interfere, telling them that he would “kill the officers.” She was also arrested at the scene. The K9, Tango, is being attended by a veterinarian due to the four impacts inside the vehicle.Read More……

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