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An Indiana man out on bail wearing a GPS ankle monitor for stabbing a customer at a Circle K convenience store where he worked has pleaded guilty to fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend 51 times and then trying to dismember her. that she told investigators that she made fun of him in text messages with a man he was sleeping with. Marcus Garvin, 33, pleaded guilty last Friday, days before his jury trial was to begin, to one count of murder in the death of 30-year-old Christie Holt. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison.

It all happened on July 24, 2021 at the Always Inn outside Indianapolis, where the couple had lived for almost a year. ‘She was just gurgling’

Garvin stabbed Holt that day after he checked her cell phone and discovered text messages between her and a man he was sleeping with. In text messages, the two had been taunting Garvin about not having a job “and/or going anywhere in life,” he told detectives after his arrest, according to an affidavit. Garvin woke Holt up and confronted her with what he had discovered, and she denied it. “That angered him,” the affidavit says, citing Garvin’s interview with police. He “he grabbed a small knife and stabbed into the side of her neck twice”.


“Stop it, Mark! It was not so! Holt told Garvin, according to the affidavit. “He said she didn’t really try to get help because she couldn’t,” the affidavit reads. “That’s why she went for her neck; he thinks she maybe she hit her vocal cords and she was just gurgling.”

Marcus Garvin Age

The age of Marcus Garvin is  33 years,

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Charges on Marcus Garvin

After he began to stab her, she climbed on top of him and grabbed her genitals, so she began to swing the knife around her neck and stabbed repeatedly, according to court documents. Finally, they fell to the ground. As Holt fought for her life, Garvin stabbed her multiple times in the neck and upper body. The affidavit said that he thought he stabbed her at least 10, maybe 15 times.


An autopsy found 51 stab wounds to the head, neck, chest and thighs. She hit the right and left jugular veins, which were fatal injuries. She had defensive wounds on both hands. Her leg also appeared to have a cut around the bottom, as if someone had tried to cut it, the document says.

Garvin told investigators that it took Holt about 30 minutes to die. “When he stabbed Christie in her neck, her blood did not spurt and he was actually very surprised,” the document says. “Blood was like it was oozing out.” After the July 24 attack, Garvin spent six days trying to figure out how to dispose of the remains, the affidavit says.

After killing her, he told the police that he didn’t know what to do. First, he dragged her body into the tub and turned on the shower, hoping to keep the smell down. He then tried to dismember her body in the bathtub with a small sickle-shaped knife, but could not cut through her bone. Garvin also tried to move her body with a shopping cart, but was unable to get her body into it.


Garvin even brought a doll home from work, but he still couldn’t move her body, so he placed Holt in a motel sheet and duvet and dragged her across the parking lot to a creek, according to the affidavit. . A motel clerk saw it and called the police on July 30, 2021 at 4:48 AM. m. and reported a suspicious person pulling a sheet with something heavy near the wooded area next to the motel in the morning.

On his way back, Garvin walked past the clerk at the front desk back to room 210. He was wearing a black hoodie, black pants, and black shoes. Her shoes and the soles of his pants were wet. Sweat dripped from his face. After a standoff, a SWAT team found Garvin, fully clothed and carrying a backpack, in the bathroom of room 210 at 8:55 a.m. m. and stopped him.
The room smelled of human decomposition, authorities said. Police found a red wheelbarrow by the front door, a grocery cart, a trash can, a disconnected GPS monitoring device on the floor under the table, and no sheets or bedding on the bed. The floor was sticky. There were two knives on the floor next to the bathtub.

A detective reviewed surveillance video that showed him struggling at times to drag the body on the sheet from the entrance to room 210, through the parking lot and behind the main building near a tree line. An arm fell off the sheet at one point, which he quickly tucked back in.


In a report, the Bail Project said the decision was partly due to the judge’s lowering of the bond and interviews with Garvin’s mother and Holt, who vouched for Garvin, saying she didn’t believe he would be a danger to himself or others if released, Fox59 reported. Holt’s mother, Lisa Fox, said then she blamed the system. “If they would have left him in there, he wouldn’t have killed her, he wouldn’t have had a chance because he’d be locked up,” she said, the station reported. “So, I blame a lot on the system right now. They let Christie down.”

On the morning of her murder, Holt herself feared Garvin would kill her. “Honestly, I don’t think I will wake up one day,” Holt told a motel employee, identified in the affidavit as A.T. When A.T. offered to call the police, Holt declined, saying, “If they get him, I’m scared he’s gonna come back and get me; he’s gonna kill me.”Read More……

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