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A family friend remembers Chelsea’s mother, 59, who was allegedly murdered by the boyfriend she was trying to break up with. Court records show that Margarita Morehead had an active restraining order against Angel Alvarez. Prosecutors said that did not stop Álvarez from entering her first-floor apartment Monday morning and attacking her.

According to investigators, the 65-year-old man punched and stabbed Morehead multiple times after she tried to end her relationship.

Morehead’s restraining order required Alvarez to stay away from her building and stay at least 100 yards from her at all times. In a handwritten note, Morehead told the courts that Alvarez called her 24/7. She reportedly said: “She hasn’t let me sleep for more than two weeks.”


“She was a devoted mother, daughter, sister [and] friend. She was someone willing and ready to help others. She was beautiful inside and out,” said family friend Silvia Carlisle. Carlisle told Boston 25 News that she viewed Morehead as her “adoptive aunt” to her. “My heart is broken,” she said. She “she was the sweetest woman and she had a heart made of gold”.

Margarita Morehead Age

The age of Margarita Morehead was 59 years.

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Margarita Morehead was killed

Boston 25 News learned that the restraining order against Alvarez expired in November, but Morehead extended it until the following November. The court notes indicate that Morehead told a judge that she “used hurtful words that hurt her heart,” said vulgar things to her and wished her mother dead.


“The message that women are getting from the system in Massachusetts … you can get a restraining order, but it probably won’t make a difference,” said Wendy Murphy, who directs the Women and Children Advocacy Project at New England Law Boston.

Murphy said the tragic outcome that Morehead stole from her family is a heartbreaking story that she has seen many times before. “A man who has the capacity to kill is not the type of person who is interested in obeying a role,” she said. “That’s the problem here, that a man would kill a woman because he felt entitled to stay with her even when she didn’t want to stay with him.”Read More……

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