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A 53-year-old man who gave up his baby daughter for adoption was arrested in Florida earlier this month after he met his biological daughter for the first time in decades and allegedly drugged and raped her in a hotel room. . Ronald Tobin Antinore was arrested on May 1, nearly two years after the alleged sexual assault, and charged with one count of felony sexual assault, incest and possession of drug paraphernalia, court records reviewed by Law & Crime show. .

According to a probable cause affidavit from the Clearwater Police Department, the victim had been given up for adoption when he was a baby. Decades later, she learned the identity of his biological father and connected with him on social media platforms. She then traveled to Florida to meet him. Police did not say where the victim traveled from to meet with Antinore.

Ronald Tobin Antinore Age

The age of Ronald Tobin Antinore is 53 years.


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Ronald Tobin Antinore raped her daughter

The document states that Antinore and his biological daughter “had recently met” and were spending the day together in West Florida on August 9, 2021. During their time together, Antinore and the victim allegedly “consumed alcoholic beverages throughout the day.”

They then allegedly returned to a hotel room that Antinore had “secured” for his biological daughter at the Clarion Inn & Suites Central in the 20000 block of US 19 North. While Antinore and the victim were in the room, they both ingested LSD, which is when Antinore allegedly forced himself on his biological daughter, police said.

The victim told police that as the effects of the acid began to wear off, she was able to run out of bed and into the bathroom, where she called her boyfriend and told her what allegedly happened. Her boyfriend then called the hotel and the police department, relayed the victim’s story, and requested that immediate help be sent to the room.


When a private security guard arrived at the room a short time later and contacted Antinore, he “became alarmed and fled the area,” police wrote. Investigators said that after Antinore was arrested and read his Miranda rights, he made “incriminating statements about what had transpired between him and the victim” on the day in question. Antinore markets himself as a “pro wrestling manager” and a “bar consultant”. Antinore is currently being held in the Pinellas County Jail on bonds totaling $302,150.Read More…….


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