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Robert Vaughn Pippin, 28, whose last name is also spelled Pippen, allegedly admitted to burying the body of Richard Morris, 54, during an interview with Charlotte-based ABC/Telemundo affiliate WSOC last October, after that the man’s barely covered corpse was discovered. by the police thanks to a tip in September 2022. “It is against North Carolina general statutes to bury someone in their backyard,” Conover Police Chief Eric Loftin mused at the time.

Last Friday, Pippin and his mother, Emily Shook Pippin, 53, were arrested after receiving their indictments on charges of covering up a felony or failing to report a death, the CPD reportedly said Tuesday. Although they were a long time coming, the charges were, in a sense, almost never in doubt.

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Charges on Robert Pippin and Emily Pippin

Pippin reportedly told WSOC reporter Dave Faherty that he regretted the decision to bury Morris and that he only did so after the older man overdosed in the basement. The defendant also reportedly admitted to withdrawing Morris’s disability payments after his death.


According to that report, when the younger Pippin was asked to explain why authorities were not alerted to Morris’s death, he said he had his own “legal problems” at the time. The alleged role of Robert Pippin’s mother is not immediately clear.

Morris was reported missing by family members to the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office on August 26, 2021. He was reportedly last seen alive on June 2, 2021. Police say they were able to focus at your location after disability payments continued to be withdrawn. “As soon as we get the autopsy report and we have a cause of death, we’ll have an idea of how we should proceed with the case,” Loftin said last fall, after the body was identified.

“We are not going to file any charges until we have the autopsy report with the cause of death,” the police chief added in comments to the Hickory Daily Record in October 2022. “If the facts are (what Pippin told them investigators), then that would result in a certain set of charges. And if something else came up, that could lead him down a completely different path.”


In April, the Conover Police Department received Morris’s autopsy report from the North Carolina State Medical Examiner’s Office, according to the Hickory, North Carolina-based independent television station WHKY. Morris died from methamphetamine poisoning.

Robert Pippin was granted a $10,000 secured bond. Emily Pippin was granted a $1,000 secured bond. Both defendants were able to post bail and are no longer in custody. His first court appearance was on Monday. “He was a good man no matter what,” Angelica Hall, a friend of the deceased, told WSOC. “He was someone you could trust, and he would be there for you.”Read More……

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