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After her new husband was accused of murdering her ex, a company linked to Shanna Gardner-Fernandez claimed that she had been separated from her current spouse for “an extended period of time,” according to a letter obtained by KTVX. “We have no further details about the situation other than what has been reported in the media,” said Stampin’ Up!, a paper craft and “direct selling” business owned by her parents.

That current spouse is Mario Enrique Fernandez Saldana, 34 years old. He was charged this week with murdering Shanna’s former husband, Jared Bridegan, 33. In January, authorities charged Henry Tenon, 61, who had been a tenant on a property belonging to Fernández Salanda. Tenon ended up pleading guilty to second-degree murder with a weapon and admitting to being the actual gunman who killed Bridegan, authorities announced.

Mario Enrique Fernandez Saldana Age

The age of Mario Enrique Fernandez Saldana is 34 years.


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vMario Enrique Fernandez Saldana accused of murder

Police previously said Bridegan took three of her children to a routine weekly dinner on February 16, 2022. He left behind the 9-year-old twins he shared with Shanna Gardner-Fernandez. On his way home, he came across a tire in a dark area of Sanctuary Boulevard.

Investigators believe someone put it there on purpose to get him to stop. Bridegan opened the door of his SUV, presumably to move the tire, Jacksonville Beach Police Chief Gene Paul Smith said at a news conference in January. “That’s when they shot him to death in cold blood,” the chief said. Meanwhile, Bridegan’s 2-year-old daughter and his second wife, Kirsten Bridegan, was in the back seat, exposed to danger.

Investigators withheld certain details due to the ongoing case, but Fernández Saldaña is charged with first-degree murder with a weapon, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, solicitation to commit a felony, and child abuse due to endangerment to the daughter of Jared. faced.


In a heavily redacted affidavit, authorities noted that Tenon and Fernández Saldaña had “35 phone contacts” in February 2022, 30 in March 2022, and “5-9” in May and June 2022.

“Affiant received Tenon’s financial records from PNC Bank on October 14, 2022,” the affidavit read. “When carrying out the initial review, three handwritten checks from Fernández Saldana were discovered.”

During the initial search for Bridegan’s killer, Gardner-Fernandez denied any wrongdoing and refused to speak about her controversial divorce. “I don’t see any good in airing out our dirty laundry,” she told The Florida Times-Union in a June 30 report.Now her parents’ company, based in Utah, is telling her vendors (called “protesters”) that she is separated from Fernández Saldana.


“Stamping! she is aware that Mario Fernandez, Shanna Gardner’s current husband, has been arrested along with an ongoing investigation. Shanna (Shelli and Sterling’s daughter) and Mario have been separated for an extended period of time,” the company wrote, later adding: “We understand that some protesters have received concerning comments on this matter on their social media platforms. Feel free to remove comments of an inappropriate nature and block/report those commenters on their personal accounts.”

Police have not named Shanna Gardner-Fernandez as a suspect. In the affidavit against her current husband, they point out that she and Mario met at his CrossFit gym in 2018. Fernández Saldana was a maintenance man there. Investigators noted that Gardner-Fernandez shared custody of her children with Jared Bridegan.Read More…..

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