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CALIFORNIA: The suspect who killed a 45-year-old man in a shooting that occurred Saturday afternoon, April 1, in Los Angeles has been identified by authorities. Mark Connole, a 34-year-old Woodland Hills resident, was taken into custody by LAPD.

The shooting occurred around 3:45 p.m. m. in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s in the West Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. The suspect was seen fleeing in a red Honda. A brief pursuit ensued until the driver slowed and was pulled over. With a warrant for his arrest for alleged murder, Connole was booked into the Van Nuys County Jail. Bail for him was set at $2 million. Three people were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment with non-life-threatening injuries. A fourth person was pronounced dead at the scene by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics.

Authorities believe the victims knew Connole and had met him through a drug deal. After an argument, shots were fired. Officers, the deceased victim was a 45-year-old male. His identity is being kept secret until the family is informed.


Mark Connole Age

Thea ge of Mark Connole is 34 years.

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Why Mark Connole arrested ?

LAPD Officer Alan Hamilton believes that several of the participants in the shooting may be gang members and that more arrests will be made soon, according to Fox LA. Detectives have scoured the area and are following up on every lead as part of the ongoing investigation.

Many people have reacted on Twitter regarding Connole’s arrest with one person writing: “I’m glad they did. Is he out on bail yet?” Another calling attention to California’s harsh gun regulations wrote: “State with the strictest gun laws, you can’t even buy ammo without a flowchart or you’re from another state. Yet somehow… Because criminals don’t care about the laws.”


A third person wrote: “To the people who say ‘but the neighboring states’ and ‘look where the guns are coming from’, you have been completely lost. Laws will never stop mass casualty events. Never.” Some even called attention to the finesse with which the police were handling Connole while he was making the arrest.

One person wrote: “Good thing they arrested him like all he did was jaywalk…”. This other person wrote, “I’m confused as to why he’s not lying on his stomach and they’re not jumping up and on his neck,” to which another replied, “He gave up and complied.”Read More……

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