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Mark Stokes is the CEO of the Project 2049 Institute. Previously, he was founder and president of Quantum Pacific Enterprises, an international consulting firm, and vice president and Taiwan country manager for Raytheon International.

Mark Stokes, a UK-based neuroscientist suffering from terminal cancer, discussed his state of health in a short tweet on Sunday, December 18. The tweet got 772.1 thousand likes and was retweeted 40.4 thousand times.

Mark Stokes is a native of Melbourne, Australia, and was born in 1978. Mark completed his graduation from the University of Melbourne with a combined Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in 2003. He majored in subjects including English, Philosophy, and Psychology. Following his graduation, Mark moved to Cambridge University in 2004 to pursue PhD studies in its Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit with John Duncan and Rhodri Cusack.


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In his tweet, Mark says goodbye to the public. He informed the audience that he will not only be leaving Twitter, but also the biggest show called life. Mark shared that he has been battling cancer for the past two years. However, he now only has a few days left. He concluded his brief message by extending his thanks to everyone and mentioned that he will leave this world with a heart full of love.


During his time at Cambridge, Mark conducted extensive research on human brain function, culminating in his thesis entitled “The role of neurocognitive processes in human decision-making”, which he completed in 2008.

In early 2007, Mark was honored with a Junior Research Fellowship at St. John’s College, Oxford, where he continued his research in cognitive neuroscience by studying how people make decisions under different conditions, such as risk or uncertainty.

During his tenure at Oxford, Mark published several highly influential scientific papers that shed light on topics including decision-making processes within the brain, reward processing systems within the brain, and the neural networks that underlie computer performance. work memory. Mark has also supervised several university students during their research projects related to his own studies.


Mark Stokes Cause of death

The cause of death of Cause of death of  was cancer.Read More…


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