Mass shooting in Honduras town at a birthday party

The Honduran government imposed curfews in two northern cities after more than 20 people were killed in two separate attacks amid an escalation of brutal attacks linked to drug cartels in the Central American country. Mass shooting in Honduras town at a birthday party, 13 dead and multiple injured.

Heavily armed men opened fire in a pool hall during a birthday party in the northern manufacturing city of Choloma on Saturday, killing 13 people and seriously wounding another. Ten men and one woman were killed, national police spokesman Miguel Martínez said.

At least 11 other killings on Saturday in separate incidents in the northern Valle de Sula region brought the death toll to at least 24. President Xiomara Castro announced a 15-day curfew in Choloma on Sunday between 9 p.m. m. and 4 a.m. m., with immediate effect, and another in San Pedro Sula, as of July 4. “Multiple operations, raids, captures and checkpoints begin,” Castro said on Twitter.


Mass shooting in Honduras town incident deatail

The president said law and order measures were being implemented in response to the “brutal and ruthless terrorist attack by hitmen trained and led by drug lords” in the Sula Valley. “Multiple operations, raids, captures, and checkpoints begin,” she added. There has been a partial state of emergency in parts of Honduras since December in an attempt to deal with violent gangs and turf wars.

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Security Minister Gustavo Sánchez said that the government will send a proposal to Congress to “classify members of a criminal structure, maras or bands as terrorists” in the coming days. The minister added that an additional 1,000 police and military personnel are being sent to Valle de Sula, where Choloma and San Pedro Sul are located.

The government has also offered a cash reward of 800,000 lempiras (£25,620) to help identify and capture those responsible for the killings in Choloma. The outbreak of violence over the weekend follows the murder of 46 inmates by members of the Barrio 18 gang at a women’s prison in Tamara, north of Tegucigalpa.


After the massacre, Ms. Castro vowed to take “drastic measures,” but did not explain how inmates identified as members of the Barrio 18 gang were able to bring weapons and machetes into the prison, or move freely to an adjoining cell block. and slaughter. all the prisoners there.

Videos released by the government from inside the prison showed several pistols and a stack of machetes and other bladed weapons found after the riot. Last Thursday, three people, Ericka Julissa Bandy García, wife of an alleged collaborator of former President Juan Orlando Hernández, were murdered in a bakery in the city of San Pedro Sula.Read More………

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