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Days before she was charged in the death of her boyfriend, a Florida Keys woman allegedly ranted about wanting to disembowel her ex, one of the victim’s friends told Fox News. Brittany Nicole Holbrook, 34, was affable except when she was drinking, Jessica Stiegel said in a Friday Report.

“She seemed so normal most of the time, but when she drank, she would turn into a monster, flip a switch and start yelling, throw things and hit Tyler,” the friend said. She is charged with second degree murder. Monroe County, Florida, deputies say she shot her boyfriend, 30-year-old Tyler Kinnon Nulisch, early on June 17 after the couple had a drink with her roommate.

According to Stiegel, Holbrook dated a woman who was dating one of the victim’s friends two days earlier. The suspect allegedly drank alcohol and talked about an ex-boyfriend. “I’m going to kill him, I’m going to stick a knife in his stomach and I’m going to rip out his throat,” she said in Stiegel’s secondhand account. The report did not point out why Holbrook was allegedly angry with the ex. “It was like she was describing how a deer was disemboweled,” Stiegel said.


Brittany Nicole Holbrook Age

the age of Brittany Nicole Holbrook is 34 year.

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Charges on Brittany Nicole Holbrook

According to agents, they were called that morning at 2:45 a.m. to the home of the suspect and victim on the island of Big Coppitt Key. They found Nulisch bleeding from his lower back. Initially alive but unconscious, he died at Lower Keys Medical Center, they said. The 911 caller, his roommate, told investigators that he drank with Nulisch and Holbrook in his backyard after work and went to bed. She awoke to hear Holbrook yelling in the living room.

The b— shot me in the back,” Nulisch told him in the documents. Stiegel told Fox that the defendant and the victim had been in love. “Everyone saw this,” she said. “It seemed like the perfect couple.” Holbrook allegedly told police that she and Nulisch had been dating for about nine months and lived together in the house with her roommate. She said there was a hole in her memory, according to the documents.


Holbrook allegedly said that she slept in the room she shared with Nulisch. During the investigation, he allegedly gave authorities different versions. First, she said the next thing she remembered was her screaming and holding Nulisch, who was covered in blood, according to the documents. Later, she allegedly claimed that she remembered more of her: that Nulisch went to the bathroom and suddenly attacked her when she returned, choking her and pinning her against a wall. She also claimed to have hit and scratched him.

“She went on to claim that there was a gap in her memory and that she did not remember how she was able to escape from Nulisch,” the documents say. But the deputies described her statements as inconsistent. Looking at her roommate’s account, Nulisch’s last words, and the lack of injuries consistent with her strangulation, the witness concluded that there was probable cause to arrest her for murder.

Stiegel, who is dating Nulisch’s childhood best friend, told Fox News that she, her boyfriend and her roommate cleaned up the crime scene. She said they soon realized the shooting was premeditated. Holbrook kept his loaded gun in the bag of her car; the bag was left open on the passenger seat, without the gun.


“She had to have gone down that flight of stairs, went back up to the front door and shot him from her doorway while his back was to her,” he told Fox News. “That’s a long time to think.” According to the affidavit, the roommate told police that Holbrook had a gun and kept it at the house, according to the documents. She also described having a gun.

Authorities accuse Holbrook of lack of premeditation. She remains in a Monroe County jail on $75,000 bond. She is scheduled for an arraignment on Wednesday.Read More……..



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