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A 19-year-old man Ishmael Jenkins Burch has been charged with the murder of a popular California bakery owner who was fatally injured in a bag robbery after being dragged by her getaway car and hitting her head in the middle of the street.

Ishmael Jenkins Burch has been charged with second-degree murder and robbery for the murder of Jen Angel in February. Burch also faces a battery charge for a second robbery on the same day. He was arrested on June 2. Burch is being held without bail at the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California. His next hearing is set for July 14, online prison records show.

Angel was fatally injured on February 6 in downtown Oakland when a thief broke into her car while she was in it, snatched her purse, and then ran into a vehicle in which she got away. Angel jumped out of her car and ran after the robber, but she was knocked over in a struggle, caught in the suspects’ car door and dragged more than 50 feet before falling into the street, according to the San Jose Mercury News.


Ishmael Jenkins Burch Age

The age of Ishmael Jenkins Burch is 19 year.

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Ishmael Jenkins Burch accused of killing bakery owner

Angel died three days later at a hospital after losing all brain function and being taken off life support, friends of hers said. Burch was identified as the driver and committed a second robbery nearby that day, police said. Cell phone data and surveillance footage helped identify Burch as a suspect, the Mercury News reported.

Angel, 48, once ran an alternative magazine and founded Angel Cakes. In 2016, he opened a bakery at 745 Fifth Street in Oakland, in the historic Gingerbread House, an Oakland staple from the 1970s until 2007.


His family said they did not want the person or persons responsible for his death to be jailed, to honor his commitment to restorative and transformative justice. She believed that imprisonment was not an effective or just solution to social violence and inequality. On a website, Jen Angel’s estate, a group of trusted friends, said the family is committed to pursuing all available alternatives to traditional prosecution.

“Jen’s family and close friends ask that the media honor this request and carry out her life story with celebration and clarity about the world she intended to build,” the statement said. “Jen’s family and friends ask that stories that reference Jen’s life not use her legacy of care and her community to further inflame narratives of fear, hate and revenge. We do not support the investment of public resources in surveillance, incarceration, or other state violence that perpetuates the cycle of violence that resulted in this tragedy.

“It is absolutely necessary to take steps to ensure that those who caused this horrendous violence against Jen do not harm other people and that these circumstances are not reproduced in our society,” the statement continued. “However, Jen believed that the current legal system is not effective in ensuring any of these things and that the existing system of prison punishment does not make society any safer.”Read More……..


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