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A Las Vegas judge has taken her own life a year after resigning to avoid involvement in an ethics investigation. Melanie Andress-Tobiasson, 53, resigned as justice of the peace ahead of a hearing on the ethics inquiry.

She alleged that she was trying to protect her daughter, Sarah, from prostitution after she began working at a clothing store that she considered a center of criminal activity. However, the trial for her alleged conduct was dropped after she decided to resign in 2021.

Although it is not known where or how she died, the former judge’s body was discovered on Friday, January 20, 8NewsNow reports. Before her death, the mother of three lived with her husband Todd hers in their $2 million, five-bedroom mansion in Las Vegas. The Nevada Judicial Disciplinary Commission investigated Tobiasson for nearly a couple of years, after asking police to investigate a clothing store where her daughter worked.


The shop called Top Knotch was reportedly being used as a front for illegal activities and the judge’s daughter, Sarah, was being recruited as a prostitute. She claimed that she tried to save her daughter from sex trafficking and also blamed the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for ignoring the information she provided.

Melanie Andress Age

The age of Melanie Andress was 53 years.

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Melanie Andress cause of death

Sarah, who was 16 at the time, said she was terrified of Shane Valentine, who ran the store. Tobiasson said the store was an unlicensed nightclub for minors and a venue for prostitution. After local police failed to take any action on the matter, the judge said she was forced to seek help from the FBI, but to her surprise, officers began investigating her for allegedly violating court rules after discovering that she had repeated complaints to federal agents. .


After the original complaint, police traced her phone and claimed that she was interfering with a vice investigation. Tobiasson claimed that the pimps were “targeting the daughters of judges and law enforcement” to engage them in prostitution. The judge told the cops to keep an eye on Valentine, but they apparently didn’t.

Valentín is also linked to another crime related to the murder of a couple. He was not officially linked to the murders of Sydney Land, 21, and Nehemiah ‘Neo’ Kauffman, 20, until months later.

According to the complaint, Tobiasson herself reached out to Land’s mother and “began to personally investigate the case” because she thought Valentine was responsible. The complaint added that she used “disposable phones” to talk to Land’s mother and sent a message to a woman she believed to be involved in the murder.


The commission alleges that Tobiasson publicly stated that he approached Valentine’s attorney at the time and “told him to tell Valentine that if he called his daughter again she would ‘handle it'” and that on one occasion she “went to Shane Valentine’s house and kicked in the door.”Read More…..

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