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TEXAS: Investigators with the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office reported that a woman was taken into custody after they claimed she spanked a young boy with a belt so severely that it left large bruises on his legs and buttocks. According to Bexar County Jail records, 32-year-old Melanie Beth Bernal was arrested on Tuesday, April 11, and charged with Intent to Harm a Minor, a third-degree felony.

Family members were informed of the boy’s injuries on Friday, April 7, according to the arrest warrant document. According to detectives, the boy told her relatives that Bernal had hit him; family members then called 911. The affidavit said a BCSO investigator found “severe bruising on both buttocks, cheeks, and upper thighs that were in the pattern of a belt in a downward diagonal pattern.”

Melanie Beth Bernal Age

The age of Melanie Beth Bernal is 32 years.


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Charges on Melanie Beth Bernal

According to the affidavit, Bernal’s mother told the BCSO that she disciplined the boy and beat him with a belt because she “misbehaved at school” on Thursday, April 6. She denied BCSO’s request to meet with her in person for a full interview. , indicating that she was out of town for an event. An arrest warrant was signed against her that day with bail set at $5,000, Fox29 reported.

In another similar case, a 10-year-old boy was discovered with bruises on his face that were discovered by school officials. A Floyd County mother has been charged with child abuse. The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office reports that a deputy was dispatched to Allen Elementary last week after school staff saw bruises on the toddler. The young woman explained to police that her stepmother, Allison Hamilton, 23, of Harold, had squeezed her face as a form of punishment, resulting in her injuries. The young woman told police that she was having trouble eating and that she had bruises inside her mouth as well as bruises on both cheeks, according to reports.

Both the 13-year-old boy and the girl in the house claimed to have been punished by her stepmother by having to put diapers in her mouth. In the house, there was also a 12-year-old girl who had scratches on her hips, which she claimed were the result of her mother allegedly “scratching” her. First-degree child abuse and fourth-degree assault on a child are the charges against Allison Hamilton, who was later arrested. A grand jury in Floyd County is now debating whether to indict the case, Wklw reported.Read More……


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