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A 14-month-old girl has died after becoming entangled in the straps of a bag hanging from a door, her parents have revealed. Mia Macphee, from Alness, north of Scotland, died in the tragic accident last month, and her parents warned others about the dangers of hanging things from doors with children around her.

Mia Macphee Age

The age of Mia Macphee was just 14 years.

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Mia Macphee cause of death

Her parents, Connor and Hannah, were only gone for a few minutes when her daughter, who was usually loud, fell silent. Connor went to look and found Mia tangled in a small tote-style backpack with skinny straps dangling from the door.


As he untangled her, Connor yelled for her partner, who took Mia to the kitchen floor and performed CPR on her, while her father called an ambulance to Raigmore Hospital. Baby Mia had been without oxygen and it took 30-45 minutes for her heart to start beating again. The one-year-old girl was taken to Edinburgh hospital, where her family spent almost four days with her before she passed away.

Mrs Macphee told the Press and Journal: ‘Connor and I slept with her. She had my hand on her chest and I could feel her slip away. Her heart stopped beating. We fell asleep with her between us. That was the last proper moment we had with our little girl. She added: ‘Mia was bubbly, sassy, and every inch of a daddy’s girl. We could never have foreseen losing her. We thought we were years old.

“We are paying tribute to him because he was amazing, but also so that this doesn’t happen to any other family. ‘We can’t stress this enough to anyone reading this: we don’t even think twice about a bag hanging on a door. But you have to think about everyday things like that.Read More……


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