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The moments before the fatal stabbing of a father of three in a busy Essex shopping center have been caught on CCTV. Michael Ugwa, 29, was killed in a ‘brutal’ attack at the Lakeside shopping center in Thurrock at 4:30 p.m. m. April 28 of last year. Muhammad Khan, 23, his partner Brandon Lutchmunsing, 20, launched their attack after Ugwa congratulated Lutchmunsing’s girlfriend, Shannon Weston. The two men cornered the father of three and ‘caught’ him in a ‘pincer movement’ while Mr Ugwa used a chair to defend himself.

The 23-year-old killer then stabbed Mr Ugwa in the chest with a “single and deadly” blow, before leaving him to die of “catastrophic” blood loss. The attackers then fled in Lutchmunsing’s Audi, driven by Weston, leaving the father of three to die as onlookers feared for his safety. Karim Khalil KC, charging, said Khan and Lutchmunsing cornered Ugwa before Khan stabbed him in the chest.

Mr Ugwa, from Rainham, east London, died of “catastrophic” blood loss at the scene as the two men fled. Khan, from Ilford, east London, and Lutchmunsing, from Dagenham, east London, denied the charges against them. Jurors were told an argument broke out after Ugwa made comments about Lutchmunsing’s girlfriend. Khan is said to have brandished a knife before he and Lutchmunsing stalked Mr Ugwa through the mall’s dining room.


Michael Ugwa Age

The age of Michael Ugwa was 29 years.

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Michael Ugwa was killed by Muhammad Khan

Khalil described the “brutal two-on-one attack” in which the men caught Ugwa in a “pincer movement”. Footage played back in court showed Mr Ugwa holding up a chair in an attempt to defend himself before throwing it at Lutchmunsing. Khan then stabbed Ugwa with a “single, deadly” blow before fleeing with Lutchmunsing in Weston’s red Audi, Khalil said.

Weston was charged with leading Khan and Lutchmunsing away from the mall and helping her then-boyfriend evade police between April 28 and May 4. The 21-year-old, from Canewdon, Essex, was found guilty on three counts of aiding a criminal, which she had denied, police said. Opening the case, Mr. Khalil had said: “The murder is particularly shocking because it occurred just before 4:30 p.m. in the public food court.”


‘It happened in front of a number of people going about their normal business. Witnesses were clearly scared for her safety. A mother with two young children in a stroller can be seen dragging them as fast as she can. The three defendants were sitting next to a food establishment when Michael Ugwa and his friend entered.

‚ÄúThere was a brief verbal exchange during which Michael made some admiring comments towards Shannon Weston. The two male defendants decided to take it as a kind of challenge. ‘Muhammad Khan pulled out a knife. Khan did this secretly, but we can tell by the way lutchmunsing behaved that he knew about it.

Mr. Ugwa ran for the safety of him. He continued to be chased around the food court. Mr. Ugwa checked some tables. He pulled up a chair. He flung the chair at Lutchmunsing. He was the subject of a pincer movement as they made their way through different parts of the food court effectively trapping him between them.


‘Eventually Mr Khan cornered him and stabbed him. He pointed the knife at his chest and struck him as he intended. It was a single, deadly blow. Lutchmunsing said he didn’t know his friend had drawn the knife until he stabbed Ugwa, while Khan claimed he was acting in self-defense.

The lead investigating officer, Temporary Detective Chief Inspector Julie Gowen, said: “Although this incident unfolded over the course of a few minutes, the fatal assault was over within seconds.” “This case shows the tragic consequences carrying a knife can have and how quickly an incident can escalate when weapons are involved.” The defendants are due to be sentenced at Basildon Crown Court on a date to be determined.Read More……

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