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When a motorist stopped on a Tennessee highway due to vehicle trouble in March 1985, this driver made a horrific discovery that sparked a nearly four-decade long search to find the name and killer of a woman. After nearly 40 years, state authorities identified remains discovered between mile markers 29 and 30 on Interstate 24 West in Cheatham County. She was Michelle Lavone Inman, just 23 years old.

At the time her remains were discovered, agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation worked with forensic anthropologists from the University of Tennessee, who determined that she was a white female. These experts estimated that she had died two to five months before the discovery.

Michelle Lavone Inman Age

The age of Michelle Lavone was 23 year.


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Michelle Lavone Inman cause of death

However, investigators at the time exhausted their leads. They were unable to determine her identity and had to use the placeholder name, Jane Doe. Time passed. Technology was developed, including a new law enforcement tool: genetic genealogy, which is often used to identify victims and trace suspects using family DNA.

“In December, as part of the Unidentified Human Remains DNA Initiative, TBI agents sent a sample of the woman’s remains to Othram, Inc., a private Texas-based laboratory, for forensic genetic genealogy DNA testing. The scientists provided information on possible relatives connected to the woman,” they wrote. From there, investigators tracked the victim’s brother to Virginia.

“Agents contacted a family member and confirmed that he had a sister whom he had not heard from in over four decades,” TBI wrote. Forensic scientists compared her DNA to the remains and were finally able to identify the woman as Michelle Lavone Inman. The authorities’ next step is to catch her killer. TBI Voices hopes the public can provide information that can solve Inman’s murder.Read More…..


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