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The former University of Arizona graduate student accused of killing a professor made a chilling confession after police dropped their questioning, according to newly released video. Murad Dervish, 47, was filmed muttering to himself as detectives took a break from questioning him last year about the fatal shooting of Professor Thomas Meixner hours earlier.

“Well, at least I accomplished my mission,” Dervish says with an apparent sinister smile. Because the apparent confession was made after the suspect was read his Miranda rights, the statement will likely be used in court for prosecutors to establish premeditation in the murder of the U of A professor on October 5, 2022, reports CBS 5.

Murad Dervish Age

The age of Murad Dervish is 47 year.


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Charges on Murad Dervish

Meixner, 52, head of the school’s Department of Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences, was shot on the Tucson campus where Dervish had been expelled and barred from visiting. New footage from the day of the shooting shows several people inside the John W. Harshbarger Building running or ducking for cover moments after Meixner was killed.

A person could be seen peeking from behind a door, checking to see if the shoreline was clear before officers stormed the hallways and checked every door in the building, looking for the suspect and people to evacuate. Police were already heading to the building because they were called to remove Dervish, who was barred from setting foot on campus, officials previously told The Post.

However, Dervish had escaped and was allegedly trying to flee to Mexico before police caught him in Gila Bend, more than 100 miles from the university. During questioning, Dervish was reluctant to speak to police but was somewhat aloof with officers, according to the new video. At one point, one of the officers tells him that “they have quite a bit of evidence, and I think you know what that evidence is.”


“Well, it’s a shame we can’t talk,” the suspect replies. “It seems we have a lot in common. Go to the U of A, live in San Diego.” The officer then tells Dervish about the gun found in his car, and Dervish tells the police that they will eventually hear his side of the story in court. Dervish is scheduled to undergo a mental health evaluation in August in an attempt by the defense to declare him mentally insane before the start of his trial in September, ABC 9 reports. Read More……

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