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A Florida woman attacked by a shark while swimming during a friend’s birthday celebration off Florida’s Gulf Coast escaped the incident with just 14 stitches. Natalie Branda, 26, was swimming in murky waters off the St. Pete Pier, near St. Petersburg, when she suddenly felt pressure in her upper thigh after dropping a float in the water. “I just felt pressure, and she let go, and I was like, ‘They bit me!’” she told Fox 13 Tampa Bay. “I swam faster than ever to the boat.” The wounds extended from the buttocks to the navel.

After Branda got back on the boat, her friends immediately applied pressure to her wound and ran back to the dock while calling emergency services. Branda could only see her stomach at the time and her friends assured her that “it’s not that bad”. “Then I turned around and everyone was like, ‘Oh my gosh,’” she recounted Branda.

The hospital confirmed that her injuries were indeed from a shark bite when they stitched her up. “It’s not very common for people to experience that and walk away with just a few stitches,” her friend Allie Mucks told the local outlet.


Natalie Branda Age

The age of Natalie Branda is 26 year.

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Incident detail

Ella Branda said that she still plans to get back in the water, but that she will take better precautions next time, including avoiding cloudy water. “I don’t know if I’ll do what we did last time. The water was a bit cloudy. It was the perfect cocktail for the perfect storm,” said Branda. “We are invading your home. It sucks that this happened, but when you walk in and you’re with big creatures in their home, you have to respect them.

“I’ll probably get back in the water, but I need to recover first.” Two days after Branda’s attack, Brandon Boncore, 22, of Oviedo, was bitten while returning from his latest surf at New Smyrna Beach, about 160 miles east on Florida’s Atlantic coast.


Boncore was surfing near an inlet Monday when he fell off the board and was bitten on his left ankle. He said that he did not see his attacker, but admitted that he did see sharks in the area. After Boncore was taken to a nearby hospital, a shark tooth was surgically removed from his leg. Two other people were bitten by sharks on the same beach last month, according to Volusia County beach safety officials.

Florida is the shark bite capital of the world, with the majority occurring in Volusia County. Like Banda, Boncore said the bite won’t keep him out of the water.”I’m definitely going back in,” he said. “I definitely knew the risks, and unfortunately it was me, but the chances of it happening to someone else are very, very rare.”Read More……

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