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A former Navy JAG officer has been charged with murdering his wife of 40 years after DNA experts finally discovered her identity six months after her dismembered body was found in a Georgia hunting lodge. Nicholas James Kassotis , 40, was arrested in Pennsylvania on Friday following the gruesome discovery of the remains of Mindi Mebane Kassotis by hunters last December.

It is believed that when her remains were found on the grounds of the Portal Hunting Club in Riceboro, Georgia, she had already been dead for a month. But it took another five months before her identity as the missing woman could finally be confirmed. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has now charged Kassotis with felony manslaughter, felony manslaughter, aggravated assault, tampering with evidence, and removal of body parts from the scene of death or dismemberment.

Nicholas James Kassotis Age

The age of Nicholas James Kassotis is 40 years.


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Nicholas James Kassotis killed his wife

Mindi’s body was found by hunters on December 2, 2022 in Liberty County, Georgia. The GBI determined that she had been placed there sometime after November 18, although her identity was a mystery at the time. After her family provided DNA samples, her identity was finally confirmed last Thursday. Kassotis was arrested the next day.

The FBI used a laboratory specializing in advanced DNA testing and received results that prompted the investigation. The GBI also interviewed family members and obtained DNA swabs to compare with the profile created through genealogical DNA. Mindi and Nicholas had been married for six years and lived together in Savannah. The motive for his murder is unknown.

Mindi, a New Orleans native, was a writer and business owner while her husband served in the US Navy Attorneys General Corps. Kassotis is currently in custody at the Lancaster County Jail, but the plan is to extradite him to Georgia to face charges. Mindi’s friends who went to school with her posted online how they were shocked by her premature end.


‘She touched so many lives. I hope she knew how many loved her and how many had missed her for so long. She also prayed that she did not suffer. She was such a special person, a true friend to everyone,” one wrote. ‘So sad and awful! She was a good friend! Her parents and her siblings are in my thoughts and prayers. I found out about this a couple of hours ago and my heart sank,” added another.Read More……


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