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The sister of a missing woman urged people to help the family find her and also appeared to dismiss investigator speculation that she may have fallen into a river while walking her dog. Nicola Bulley ‘s sister, Louise Cunningham, shared her thoughts on Facebook after the mother-of-two has not been seen since January 27.

Just before she went missing, the 45-year-old woman had reportedly walked the dog out onto a pavement alongside the River Wyre on Garstang Road in St Michael’s in Wyre, Lancashire. Although her phone was discovered near the river, she was nowhere to be seen. Cops reportedly stated that there was a chance she fell into the water while she was trying to retrieve the tennis ball from the canine, Willow.

But Bulley’s sister isn’t buying it, as she posted on Facebook: “Please keep sharing my Nikki… On the back of the latest Police media update, may I add that there is no evidence whatsoever of that it got into the river, it’s just a theory, everyone should keep an open mind, as not all cctv and clues have been thoroughly investigated, the police confirmed that the case is far from over.


Nicola Bulley Age

The age of Nicola Bulley is 21 years.

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Nicola Bulley went missing

Cunningham‘s social media engagement received many supportive comments, such as “I honestly can’t imagine what everyone is going through as a family. I really hope that her sister will be in good health soon. Also, as a lifelong owner of springer spaniels, can’t you imagine Willow wouldn’t go in the water if her sister did for some reason? Love from our family to yours 💗” and “My thoughts are with you and your family. I can’t stop following this and I desperately hope your sister is found very soon. ❤️”

This comes as Superintendent Sally Riley reportedly said: “Based on all the work we have done so far, we are now as confident as we can that Nicola has not left the field where she was last seen and our hypothesis of work is that she has fallen into the river for some reason. “There is no evidence whatsoever that there is anything suspicious about her disappearance or any third party involvement in her disappearance. Our investigation remains open and we will of course act on any new information that comes to light,” Riley added.


Meanwhile, it has been reported that Bulley’s partner, Paul Ansell, is trying to be strong for his two daughters. An anonymous family friend told The Mirror: “I talk to him most days. They are close friends of ours. He is trying to be strong for the girls. They want to go out and find mom. He is completely heartbreaking.” They noted: “He is trying to hold on to the hope that she will be found and brought home. The alternative is too unimaginable and devastating. He’s trying to balance keeping some kind of routine for the girls and then trying to find Nikki. They just desperately want the home from him.”

The friend also talked about Bulley, adding: “She adores her girls. She is a true homemaker and loves spending time with her family. She love to walk with the dogs. She is always cooking, doing things with the girls. She takes them to school and out-of-school activities. She is involved in church events with the school. She is so sweet”.Read More…..

Nicola Bulley’s body

A body has been found in the search for Nicola Bulley, the mother-of-two who has been missing for 23 days.The body has not yet been formally identified and work to do so is ongoing. Ms Bulley, 45, vanished while walking her dog Willow on a footpath overlooking the River Wyre in Lancashire on Jan 27. Her phone was found on a bench by the river, with the family’s pet, Willow, running loose nearby and its harness on the ground.


Her disappearance sparked a major search of the river and surrounding areas and a controversial police investigation.The discovery of a body came after police hurriedly sealed off a road and launched a diving operation on Sunday afternoon in the River Wyre, following a tip-off from two walkers. The river had already been searched multiple times previously by police and private divers.

As part of the investigation to find Nicola Bulley, Lancashire Police drafted in a senior detective from the National Crime Agency (NCA), dubbed Britain’s FBI, who worked on the case of Julia James, the police community support officer murdered while out walking her dog.The beleaguered force requested that the NCA detective help Det Supt Smith, who is leading the investigation, and is thought to have recommended that external experts help analyse the search, family liaison and digital forensic work on Ms Bulley’s phone and Fitbit.


A forensic clinical psychologist and a behavioural expert have also been asked to assess Ms Bulley’s state of mind and map any potential profile of a potential offender, the Sunday Times reported, before the body was discovered.A dog behavioural specialist has also been brought in to see if Ms Bulley’s spaniel can assist, despite Det Supt Smith saying in a press conference last week that she “can’t talk to the dog”.

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