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On September 28, 2017, Christopher Grover, 30, was found dead of a gunshot wound at the Poughkeepsie, New York home he shared with his girlfriend,  Nikki Addimando.

No one disputes that Addimando pulled the trigger, but many believe that she, as an alleged survivor of domestic violence at the hands of Grover, should not be serving prison time for the murder. But Grover’s family insists that she is a murderer who killed Grover, a popular gym coach in her town, in cold blood.

At her trial, numerous photos of Addimando’s injuries over the years were shown, including bruises on his chest and face and rope-like burns. But prosecutors argued that there was no evidence linking Grover to the injuries. They claimed that the injuries could have been self-inflicted.


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The age of Nikki Addimandois not known.

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Tonight’s 20/20 episode focuses on Addimando’s case and features her first TV interview. The episode also features additional exclusive interviews with Addimando’s sister, Grover’s therapist, appeals attorney, and an ex-girlfriend. Despite her claims of self-defense for her, Addimando was arrested and charged with murdering Grover. During the trial, she testified that she shot him after he threatened to kill her with the same weapon.

In 2019, Addimando was convicted of second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon. At his sentencing, she received 19 years to life in prison. But in July 2021, his sentence was reduced to 7.5 years under the Justice for Survivors of Domestic Violence Act.


The case has garnered national attention and domestic violence advocates have come out in support of Addimando. But after Addimando petitioned for clemency, Grover’s family created a petition against her early release, ABC News reports. Her clemency application is still pending.Read More…..

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