A woman kissed her young son and young daughter, promised them she would always love them, and then stabbed them in the chest, according to court testimony. The children’s mother is accused of killing her eight-week-old baby in July 2021 and attempting to kill her two-year-old sister. The mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admits to stabbing the children but denies the charges. The first day of her trial at Belfast Crown Court began on February 2. Mom’s chilling words before stabbing her 8-week-old son to death

According to the BBC, the woman called her partner on July 27, 2021, claiming to have killed her son and that her daughter lay there “slowly bleeding”. She also confessed to him that she was planning to commit suicide. She then reportedly dialed 999 and told the operator: “I killed my son for him.” The woman’s mental health was “an important issue in the case,” the prosecutor said.

A police officer who responded to the incident testified in court that when she gave the baby CPR, the mother said, “I wouldn’t worry about him. He’s dead. I stabbed him.” The sheriff claimed that officers had to break down a door to get into the building because the front door was locked. The brothers were treated together at the Royal Victoria Hospital, another officer testified in court. The baby was later pronounced dead.


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Mom’s chilling words before stabbing her 8-week-old son to death

According to the court, the woman was treated at another hospital for “apparently self-inflicted minor injuries,” according to the court. The woman and her children were discovered in the living room, where a large kitchen knife was also recovered from a bed, and a kitchen knife with a serrated blade and another knife, both stained with blood, were found in the kitchen.

According to court testimony, the woman told police that after she went to the kitchen to get a knife, she picked it up and then put it down when the baby smiled at her. Before stabbing the boys, she allegedly kissed them both, told them that she loved them and promised that they would “always be in her heart”.


The woman admitted to authorities that she had no choice but to stab her children and that she intended to do so. she commit suicide so that her boyfriend could have “a happy life” with another woman. During interrogation, she admitted to police that “I did what I did because of her.” The jury was also told that three days before the stabbings, police had been called to the family’s residence on suspicion that the defendant’s partner had attacked them. As a result, she was not home and was visiting her family in England when her children were attacked. The case is still pending.Read More…..

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