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Adrian Burgos Herrera, a father of three, was brutally beaten and left for dead in a road rage incident, and now his family is pleading for justice and the perp’s arrest. The victim is critically injured and suffered multiple broken bones and facial injuries. His family is now raising money online to pay for medical expenses.

Sandra Tocohua was in the car with her husband Adrian Burgos Herrera on Jan. 25 when a violent road rage incident involving another car occurred on the northbound 110 Freeway and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in the southbound area. of the Angels. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) described the incident as a “road rage” encounter and vowed to get to the bottom of the case.

“Before we got out, he [the other driver] was already trying to hit us for no reason. We’re not sure what exactly made him mad or what his problem was. As we were getting out, he got in front of us and then drove slow to piss us off, but we ignored it, but then once we were coming out to the exit, he again tried to hit us there and then he got in front of us again,” Tocohua recounted, as reported by Fox 11 LA.


Adrian Burgos Herrera Age

The age of Adrian Burgos Herrera is not known.

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Adrian Burgos Herrera was severely beaten and left for dead

He said the cars were parked in the traffic light and both Adrián and the other driver got out of their respective vehicles. “The light was red, so my husband got out and told him what his deal was and to stop what he was doing because we were going to hurt each other, and when my husband got out [of the car], he got out too. ”, recalled Tocohua, adding that the other driver had a golf club in his hand. “Once I saw it [the golf club], all I could do was take a picture of it, take a car picture of it, and I just went back to my car,” she said.

Tocohua said her husband told her to get away from the scene and she drove a few meters ahead. “At the time he was doing all that movement, he [another driver] hit my husband in the face with the golf club five times,” she said. After the alleged assault, the other driver apparently crashed into Burgos and trapped him between two cars.


“He literally burned tires and went right behind him. My husband was literally in the middle of both cars and he somehow flew into the sky and hit the ground and this guy just backed up,” Tocohua said. The distraught wife immediately called an ambulance and CHP also came to the scene to investigate the case. “My husband looked very, very bad and when I saw him, I was very scared. I just want justice,” Tocohua added.

Burgos’s sister, Hely Morales, drove from Colorado to California as soon as she found out what had happened. “I live in Colorado. I packed up my stuff and packed up my car and started driving here. It was about a 17-18 hour drive for me and I drove all the way to California. I wasn’t sure if my brother would make it or not.” Morales told Fox 11. He said he decided to make a TikTok video with the photo of the other driver and his car in an attempt to identify him.

“I’m on TikTok here and there, so I’ve seen them find people when people thought it was impossible, so I decided to collect all the information I had and make a TikTok and reach out to various people to see if they’d be willing to share the video,” he continued. “When I made that video, we hadn’t heard from the police officer assigned to the case, so we started to feel like if we didn’t find this person, no one would and I just wouldn’t.”


give up trying to find who and where this person was.” Meanwhile, a CHP spokesperson told Fox 11 that they know who the suspect is and were “close” to contacting him. However, they said they would not release officially the suspect’s name or photo until contact is made.Read More…..

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