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Michael Mammone worked at Providence Mission Hospital in Laguna Beach, which issued a statement calling the doctor’s death a “shocking tragedy.” “The entire Mission Hospital family is grieving the loss of an incredible physician and friend,” the statement read. “We will honor Dr. Mammone’s dedication to our community and his passion for medicine by continuing to provide exceptional care.”

Speaking to Fox 11, hospital staff said Mammone lived just a few blocks from the hospital and was a passionate cyclist. He was murdered less than a mile from his workplace. “That’s the irony of all this,” said cardiologist Dr. Dawn Aatwal. “If they brought a patient in his condition, he would have done everything possible to save that person. He has saved so many lives here and he died very close to where he saved hundreds of lives.”

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The age of Michael Mammone is 58 years.


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A person who knows Mammone took to his Facebook to express his grief, calling the doctor an “excellent and caring doctor.” “I also had the privilege of working in the medical field with Dr. Mammone at San Antonio Regional Hospital in Upland many years ago and he was a caring and excellent physician,” Yvette Cook wrote. “He even helped one of my family members in an emergency situation. RIP and my deepest condolences to the family of Dr. Mi

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chael Mammome.”

FOX 11 acquired footage of the man believed to be the murder suspect in the Mammone murder on Thursday. There are currently no connections between Michael Mammone and Vanroy Smith, according to investigators. “At this point, we don’t really understand why … as far as motivation and any kind of relationship,”


Orange County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Woodruff said. “Researchers keep all options open to check those boxes if you want to, to make sure they don’t leave anything undiscovered.” Smith has been booked on suspicion of committing murder.

A bizarre sequence of events led to the death of a doctor after he was struck by a car and then repeatedly stabbed in a deadly attack. Michael Mammone, 58, an emergency room physician, died in a freak incident in Dana Point, California on Wednesday, February

Vanroy Smith, 39, is accused of hitting Mammone with his car around 3:00 p.m. m. before going out and stabbing the doctor several times. Several witnesses detained Smith and waited for the police to take him away. According to The Sun, witnesses claim that Smith approached Mammone with a BB gun before grabbing a knife and stabbing him. The doctor was pronounced dead at the hospital.Read More…..


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