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“My friend, she’s laying in the bathtub, she’s not waking up,” John “Jay” Tolson, then 29, told a 911 dispatcher on the morning of July 22, 2020. LeeAnn Hartleben ‘s ex-boyfriend, John “Jay” Tolson, said she fell in the kitchen the night before and that he found her unconscious in the tub. Now he’s accused of murder

“I think she fell last night, I’m not sure,” he said shakily. “She’s getting blood from her nose, so I can’t get her to wake up.” He claimed that the woman in the bathtub, LeeAnn Hartleben, 38, “had been drinking. She fell in the kitchen.” Telling the dispatcher that she was breathing hard, he said, “I can’t get her to wake up.”

Paramedics rushed to Hartleben’s cozy cottage in the Outer Banks community, where Hartleben, an avid gardener and baker, had grown up. There, they found Hartleben unconscious in the bathtub. The mother-of-two, whose sons, now 15 and 8, were out, was airlifted to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital on the mainland in Norfolk, Virginia.


LeeAnn Hartleben Age

The age of LeeAnn Hartleben was 38 years.

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LeeAnn Hartleben cause of death

“She was still breathing, but she was brain dead,” says her first cousin, Trisha Cahoon, who learned that Hartleben was in the ICU on a ventilator at the hospital. “The first thing that came to mind was that she got COVID,” she says. “And her mother said, ‘No, [it’s due to] blunt force trauma.'” Doctors told the family that Hartleben had suffered blunt force traumatic head injuries that did not match the fall Tolson described in the 911 call, she says.

Hartleben also had bruises on his neck and arms, Cahoon says. Cahoon says she was surprised when she learned that the doctor said Hartleben’s injuries “did not come from a standing position,” she says. “The doctor said unless she was on a 20-foot building and she fell, this is blunt force trauma to the head.”


Hartleben died on July 25, 2020, three days after arriving at the hospital. Cahoon says that she immediately knew something didn’t seem right with the death of her cousin. “I thought, there’s something really shady about this,” says Cahoon.

His concerns increased when he learned that Hartleben’s cause of death was deemed “complications of blunt head trauma with cirrhosis of the liver with clinical hepatic failure,” the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Norfolk, Va., confirmed in a statement sent by email to PEOPLE. “The manner of death was ruled undetermined,” the statement said.

In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, police say they began investigating the case immediately. They also said publicly that they were investigating the case and that Tolson was a person of interest. But Cahoon and her family argued that police were slow to investigate Hartleben’s death as a homicide.


“They were saying there was no crime, no crime was committed,” says Cahoon. “That she was drunk, she fell and hit her head, and there you have it. And she succumbed to her wounds. “And we said, ‘There was a crime.’ We said, ‘Please come and investigate. Please do something. There are stains that look like blood.'”

Wanting answers, Cahoon and her family hired a private investigator, who went to Hartleben’s home with Cahoon. There, they videotaped bloodstains that they could easily see and those that were illuminated with a chemical agent on the doors and walls of several rooms and on Hartleben’s mattress.Read More……

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