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A Tennessee woman on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend has not been seen in more than three weeks, and police believe she is in danger, citing an alleged history of domestic violence. According to a missing persons flyer shared by the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee, Nikki Alcaraz, who also goes by Nikki Cunningham, was last seen on May 6 in Moriarty, New Mexico. According to police, Alcaraz, 33, was traveling with Steven. Tyler Stratton, who family members have said is her boyfriend.

According to a flier shared by the sheriff’s office, Alcaraz, a mother of two, was last seen in a Jeep Wrangler with Tennessee license plates and a bumper sticker reading “Tired Mom.”

“Due to a history of domestic assault, we believe she is in danger,” the flyer says, adding that Alcaraz could be in New Mexico, Arizona or California. Alcaraz’s family told KABC that she and Stratton were on a cross-country trip from Tennessee to Orange County, California, where Alcaraz planned to visit her family.


Nikki Alcaraz Age

The age of Nikki Alcaraz is 33 years.

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Nikki Alcaraz went missing

KABC and WKRN, citing a report from the sheriff’s department in Torrance County, New Mexico, report that the couple met with police on May 4 and that Alcaraz had a black eye. According to the report, a witness allegedly saw Stratton punch Alcaraz across her face. The report also said that Stratton had blood coming from his mouth and nose, and that he, too, claimed that he had been beaten.

According to the sheriff’s report, both refused to press charges. PEOPLE could not immediately reach the Torrance County Sheriff’s Office. Alcaraz’s sister, Toni Alcaraz, told WKRN that Alcaraz had called her after her encounter with police. She “she was crying and distraught. Her eye was already turning black and you could tell that she was pretty beaten up, ”said Toni Alcaraz.


According to KABC and WKRN, after her run-in with police, a family friend drove to New Mexico to meet Alcaraz, intending to travel to California with her. But on May 6, the day they were supposed to leave, Alcaraz said she had to go find Stratton, so the family friend left for California without her.

That was the last known sighting of Alcaraz, though days later, Toni Alcaraz received a text from her saying that she was in Arizona with plans to drive to California.

WKRN reports that there is an unrelated arrest warrant out for Stratton, who is wanted on allegations that he failed to appear for a probation violation stemming from a robbery charge. Police say Alcaraz is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 160 pounds. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.Read More…..


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