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A Florida woman Sarah Ramsammy was arrested Saturday after allegedly driving her blue SUV onto a beach at Smyrna Dunes Park while drunk, nearly hitting beachgoers as she sped across the sand.

Sarah Ramsammy, 26, of Orlando, was charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving and failing to obey a traffic control device, the Volusia Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, alleging that Ramsammy had an alcohol level of at blood nearly twice the state legal limit.

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Charges on Sarah Ramsammy

Body camera footage released from the scene shows Ramsammy and an unidentified woman speaking to police in the moments after the incident, as her car lay half-submerged in ocean waves. Eyewitnesses had alleged that Ramsammy’s car was going 50 mph. and she almost hit a child. “I was the driver, and they pulled us over and said we almost hit a kid,” Ramsammy told police. “I didn’t think we would, but that’s what they told us.”

“We were just trying to turn around; We didn’t think we could make a U-turn here, so we were just trying to keep going,” Ramsammy told officers. The officers in the video then told Ramsammy that they were arresting her, to which she said, “It’s okay.” Ramsammy has since been released from jail after posting $1,500 bail, Volusia Sheriff’s Office records show.

It is not immediately clear if she obtained legal advice. PEOPLE has reached out for comment. Meanwhile, the beachgoers recounted the terrifying experience on the Today show, saying they feel lucky to have prevented the tragedy.


“My little boy was playing in the sand, and all of a sudden this kid started yelling, ‘Hey, watch out!’ Ashley Young, mother of a 3-year-old, recalled to NBC’s morning show, “I was yelling at them from the window like, ‘You almost hit my son, first of all, a lot of other kids, dogs.’ And she said, ‘ Well, I didn’t.'”

“I went to bed last night and lay there thinking, ‘I could have easily run over a kid,'” Ariel Hiddleston said. “The only reason she stopped was because she was stopped.”Read More…..



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