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While their related murder case is ongoing, an Oklahoma couple Octavio Juan Sanchez and Desiree Nicole Fransen was sentenced Monday in federal court for collecting social security benefits for their murdered relative with an intellectual disability. Octavio Juan Sanchez, 36, is sentenced to four years in prison. He had already been in federal custody since July 21 for an unrelated firearms conviction. His co-defendant, Desiree Nicole Fransen, 28, is set for three years behind bars. Both would serve three years of supervised release.

They are charged in Cleveland County, Oklahoma, with murdering Sanchez’s sister, Margarita Juanita Sharon Sandoval, and moving her body. She would have been 18 or 19 years old when she died. Police estimate that he died between February 17 and April 18, 2018, according to documents obtained through an affidavit obtained by The Oklahoman.

Sanchez and Fransen allegedly hid her wrapped body in her apartment and in her house. Facebook posts showed them discussing the issue, even moving the body around the house because of the smell, police said. In a message, Octavio told Fransen to tell police that he did everything when he believed police were in the apartment complex because of the smell, according to the documents. In another message, however, he threatened to kill her too if she reported him.


Octavio Juan Sanchez and Desiree Nicole Fransen Age

The age of couple is 36 and 28 years.

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Charges on Octavio Juan Sanchez and Desiree Nicole Fransen

The couple also thought Sandoval was after them, according to authorities. “In a conversation, Octavio tells Desiree that Margarita would not let him reach her phone to contact her,” authorities wrote, according to the newspaper. “Desiree replied that Margarita is only messing with him because she wasn’t there. Desiree confirmed to Octavio that Margarita was also after her. Desiree told Octavio that Margarita knows what she did and that’s why she’s after them.

Officers said they found the remains in the basement of Miguel Ángel Munoz, 44, on May 13, 2021, after receiving a tip. He is charged with accessory to first degree murder. “Muñoz informed investigators that Octavio said that he and his wife, Desiree, killed a child molester. Munoz quoted Octavio as saying, ‘Desiree started it and I had to finish it,'” the Cleveland County affidavit said.


Federal investigators said Fransen, his representative payee for Social Security benefits, did not report Sandoval’s death. The couple collected $30,912 for themselves. They also used the identity of the deceased sister to request $3,200 in stimulus money from the IRS during the immediate aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sandoval reportedly lived with the cognitive abilities of a child. He had lived with his brother in January 2019 after spending time in a California group home and a sister in Oklahoma. The medical examiner reportedly determined that he died a homicide, but was unable to establish a cause of death.

The federal charges were conspiracy and aggravated identity theft. Sanchez pleaded guilty Jan. 18 and Fransen pleaded guilty Jan. 25. They must also pay restitution of $34,112. Fransen and Munoz pleaded not guilty in their respective cases on March 22 and are scheduled for status conferences on August 9. Sánchez’s formal arraignment is scheduled for August 16 after he was rescheduled twice.Read More……


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