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A Florida man wearing a cat costume has been arrested after allegedly stabbing his roommate in the neck Tuesday, authorities say. Omar Gutierrez, 32, is charged with one count of attempted murder, according to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. About 5:45 p.m. Tuesday, deputies responded to a Gainesville home where a man had just called 911 to report that his roommate had stabbed him in the neck, the sheriff’s office said.

In video of body camera footage released by ACSO, Capt. Chris Sims says two officers “forced their way into a home where [the] stabbed victim lay on the floor bleeding and [the] suspect was still inside.” of that residence and potentially armed.”

Omar Gutierrez Age

The age of Omar Gutierrez is 32 years.


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Charges on Omar Gutierrez

The roommate stabbed the complainant in the neck and blood is coming out,” a dispatcher can be heard saying on the radio as the second of the two patrol cars pulls up at the home. “They can’t tell where the knife is right now. Possibly still in the suspect’s hand?

In the footage, an officer breaks down the two red double doors of the house and repeatedly yells for him to arrive with a gun drawn. He quickly contacts the victim, who tells police that the defendant is “either in his kitchen or in his bedroom.” “Are you Omar?” shouts one of the deputies. “Hey, where are you, man?”

Another deputy appears in the frame and the two members of the police discuss quietly where they think his suspect might be. One deputy asks another to “clear” a certain area of the house. Finally, a man makes contact and a brief negotiation ensues; the man wants to grab something before leaving but the deputies tell him to get out. The man turns out to be the victim, who walks out the front door with a hand on his neck, bleeding.


The sheriff’s office described the victim as “severely injured.” Soon enough, a second man can be heard inside the house, saying something, though his words are unintelligible on the video. “Sheriff’s office,” an officer yells again. “Come to me, I can hear you.”

After a few seconds, a man appears with his arms raised. He is wearing what appears to be a gray cat costume, pajamas or onesie. Gutierrez was detained without incident, the video shows. He is currently being held at the Alachua County Jail on a $1 million bond. It is unclear if the defendant currently has a lawyer.

Attempted murder in the Sunshine State can be prosecuted as a first degree felony; with a maximum penalty of life imprisonment. Often, however, attempted murder is prosecuted as a second degree felony in Florida, with a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison.Read More……


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