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A man stabbed to death in an alleged anti-gay attack in Brooklyn was remembered as a talented and up-and-coming dancer on Monday, as police sources said a 17-year-old high school student is being investigated in the crime. O’Shae Sibley, 28, was allegedly attacked for “vogueing,” or performing a stylized modern dance routine, to Beyoncé’s hit “Rebirth” outside a Coney Island gas station Saturday night, according to a friend who said he was present during the event. stab.

“They hated us because we are gay!” Otis Pena, one of Sibley’s friends, went on a rampage in a Facebook post, sharing lurid photos of the murder. “[They were] yelling that we are Muslims and that we don’t like gays!!!!! How innocently we are pumping gasoline and you decided to stab one of us!

Sibley was killed during a fight that broke out between two groups of men around 11 p.m. at a Mobil gas station on Coney Island Avenue, which was caught on surveillance video obtained by The Post. The case is being investigated as a possible hate crime, police said. Sources said Monday that police were searching for a 17-year-old boy who was captured on surveillance footage fighting with Sibley before being stabbed in the chest and then fleeing in a black van.


O’Shae Sibley Age

The age of O’Shae Sibley was 28 year.

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Who killed O’Shae Sibley

The alleged killer, who was said to be a Muslim, allegedly told Sibley and his friends that he was offended because they had been dancing shirtless in bathing suits, sources previously said. In a Facebook Live video, Pena said he, Sibley and a few other friends were driving home from celebrating his birthday at the beach, when they decided to stop at the Mobil station just two blocks from his house.

Peña said Sibley, his best friend of 15 years and “brother,” was killed in front of him. “I’m trying to put pressure on the wound and there’s blood dripping everywhere,” the distraught friend said, describing the harrowing scene. “Happy birthday to me, right?” Pena uploaded harrowing images showing his hand covered in the blood of his murdered friend, and even more blood staining the floor where Sibley had been stabbed to death.


Sibley, who moved to New York City three years ago to pursue a career in the arts, was a dancer and choreographer who participated in the Ailey Extension program, the studio said. “The Ailey organization mourns the tragic death of O’Shae Sibley, who was a beloved and devoted participant in our Ailey Extension dance class program,” the studio said in a statement.

“O’Shae had incredible energy in the studio and the instructors and fellow students loved him. She recently shined during a special West African dance demonstration at The Ailey Spirit Gala,” the statement read. “We are shocked and heartbroken that O’Shae’s life was taken by senseless violence, and we extend our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.” Her aunt Tondra Sibley told Gothamist that her nephew was a “gentle spirit” who moved to the Big Apple from her native Philadelphia in 2019 and was close to her family, including her mother and daughter. brother of her

She had been looking forward to going on a trip to Disney World with her father this week, she said. “Everyone who knew him knew that he was always smiling…he loved people, he loved dancing, he loved teaching dance,” she said. The aunt described the murder of her nephew as “senseless” and demanded justice for him. “Why would a person feel that he has the right [to kill] just because he doesn’t agree with them?” she wondered.


Last year, Sibley was part of “An Eclectic Dance to the Music of Time,” a video project by contemporary artist Jacolby Satterwhite that was presented at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall. He starred in six music videos directed by his longtime friend and collaborator Kemar Jewel, who had known Sibley since he was 16 and joined him in the Black and Latino LGBTQ+ subculture known as the Ballroom scene.

“He was a bright-eyed, goofy young man who had a talent beyond anything he had ever seen before,” Jewel wrote on Facebook. “He could sing, he could do hip hop, jazz, ballet, tap, and dddddd he was an amazing voguer! That’s how we became close.” Jewel, the founder and creative director of JewelBox Productions, said that because Sibley was so versatile, he was always eager to showcase his protégé’s skills as a dancer and choreographer in his various projects.

In 2021, Sibley appeared in Jewel’s 7-minute dance video titled “SOFT: A Love Letter to Black Queer Men”, billed as a “visual love letter” using contemporary dance “to help Black Queer men heal from trauma, connect as a community, and serve as a reminder to be GENTLE on themselves and others.” While still living in Philadelphia, Sibley danced with the prestigious Philadelphia Dance Company, better known as Philadanco, which is famous for preserving African-American traditions in dance.


“Anyone who has known O’Shae was very blessed to know him,” Jewel wrote. “He was funny, unique, charismatic and always knew how to have a good time. Most importantly, he loved HARD! He did everything possible for his loved ones and made sure that no one was sad around him ”.

The choreographer said that a few years ago, he and Sibley had discovered that they were distantly related. “I remember the look on O’Shae’s face when he found out, he was so happy that a bond that was made up was now cemented in real life,” Jewel recalled, adding that Sibley was “the closest thing to family” he was. had had.

Chilling video from the gas station obtained by The Post showed the fight that broke out with the group of men who met Sibley and his companions there. The two parties exchanged words, before the dispute turned physical after a brief pause. Sibley, dressed in a neon pink bathing suit, is seen standing behind a black SUV apparently in shock after being stabbed.Read More……….


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