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The Utah community is reeling from the shock of a doctor who killed his son and then himself in a gruesome murder-suicide. The remains were found at 2936 S Highland Drive inside an office building at 11:15 a.m. when the Salt Lake City Fire and Gold Cross arrived on the scene. Police revealed Monday that Parth Gandhi, 49, killed his 16-year-old son before committing suicide. Police have not released the teen’s name. The murder-suicide, according to police, “involved a firearm.”

Brent Weisberg, a spokesman for the Salt Lake City Police Department, said: “Our detectives at this time are still developing more information trying to find out, trying to answer the question of what might have motivated him to do this.” Gandhi, who worked at the Salt Lake City offices of Psychedelic Therapy and Research, allegedly discussed treatments for substance abuse, depression and anxiety on social media, according to KSLTV. He also made a Facebook post in December 2022 to recognize his son’s musical prowess.

Parth Gandhi Age

The age of Parth Gandhi was 49 years.


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Parth Gandhi killed his son and before killing himself

Parth Gandhi, 49, lived near Sunnyside Park and had an office in the building where the bodies were discovered. She earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and neuropsychology with a focus on neuroimaging and brain injury, according to her website. She also worked as a psychedelic therapist, Deseret reported.

Gandhi is well known in the healing community for his work with psychedelics, particularly as it relates to the treatment of addiction, depression, autism, and concussions. His website claims that he established Salt Lake City Psychedelic Research and Therapy with the intent of introducing psychedelics safely and legally into Utah. It is unclear if any drugs or psychedelics were used prior to the murder-suicide, according to Salt Lake City police. “Our investigation is still ongoing, whenever we have a death investigation, it’s routine and it would not be uncommon for toxicology reports to be made as part of the autopsy, so all of that will still be pending,” the Department said. Salt Lake City Police. explained the spokesperson.

Apparently, Denise Druce has known Gandhi for 12 years. “I was studying in my yoga and cycling classes at 24-Hour Fitness,” Druce said. Although she hadn’t seen Gandhi in about a year, Ella Druce told FOX 13 News that she remembered him as a people person. “I was running events at his house, yoga events and meditation events. I was at his house a couple of times and got to meet his kids,” Ella Druce said. “Until we have more details, I will reserve judgment and have a lot of compassion in my heart for the people who are left after this in general.”


Rachel Cieslewicz is the owner of Centered City Yoga. She claims that Gandhi began providing yoga instruction to them in 2018 and stopped at the time of the pandemic in 2020 before returning to provide a small amount of instruction once they reopened. He reportedly last taught there about a year and a half ago. “We had youth groups in our studio. He would volunteer and teach for free just to help the kids,” Cieslewicz said. “Just reeling, I’m in shock. It’s not something I’ve seen

A friend who “hadn’t been in touch with Gandhi for a few years” took to Facebook and wrote: “Mental health and support are always important and at times like this it’s even more important to support each other through loss, mourning and grief, in all the various forms it can take, especially when there is shock involved with the loss.”

Laurie Frazier, another friend shared a lengthy post discussing her thoughts on the shocking murder-suicide. “What devastating news, I’m in shock. I knew he had struggled with depression in the past and had his shadows just like the rest of us. But to kill your own child, what kind of emotional state do you have to be in? ” Frazier wrote. She claimed that Parth had full custody of her children for more than a decade and “appeared to be a great father” from the outside. He was a “brilliant man and neuropsychologist.” Nothing typical” about this situation, she continued. “Not homeless, not unsuccessful, just a normal guy who seemed to always be looking for community.”Read More……


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