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A man in Las Vegas, Nevada, allegedly killed his mother on Mother’s Day and then dumped her body in a backyard pool, police say. Aaron Cooney 49, was first arrested on an open murder charge, according to the Las Vegas Metropolitan. Police department. He has since been charged with an additional count of first-degree murder with the use of a deadly weapon where the victim is an elderly person, according to court records reviewed by Law & Crime.

The incident occurred Sunday morning at a residence on Caprino Avenue near North Jones Boulevard and West Smoke Ranch Road in Sin City, police said in an arrest affidavit released Tuesday and obtained by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Officers responded to a gruesome scene.

There, Linda Coonley was found in the family pool by one of Cooney’s brothers and pronounced dead at the scene by police. The deceased woman had been stabbed through her entire body, including her head, chest, legs, one armpit and both forearms, the LVMPD reportedly wrote in the court document.


Aaron Cooney Age

The age of Aaron Cooney is 49 years.

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Aaron Cooney accused of killing mother

Aaron Cooney’s brother said the suspected killer lived with his mother and several other people at the residence, police said. When he was arrested, the defendant was apparently in an advanced state of denial, or perhaps something else entirely. “That’s not our mother anyway,” Cooney allegedly told his brother when the sad discovery was made that morning, according to the brother’s recollection of events cited in the affidavit. “We need a new one.”

The brother who spoke to police reportedly said he asked Aaron Cooney where her mother was before finding her in the pool. The defendant allegedly responded, “I stabbed her last night. She has left.” However, the violence apparently did not come out of nowhere, the brother allegedly told police. Months earlier, the grieving son said, Aaron Cooney had threatened his mother with a knife during an argument about cats, the newspaper reported, citing the arrest report.


The defendant, for his part, insisted on his innocence. Aaron Cooney allegedly told police that his mother died three days earlier and told police, “You know I’m not a murderer.”

He is currently being held at the Clark County Detention Center; he was initially held without bail due to the murder charge; His court file currently shows a possible bail condition. The defendant first appeared in court on Monday, where he was provisionally granted a public defender.

Aaron Cooney’s first formally designated initial appearance came Wednesday, where he asserted his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights and medical privacy rights, Clark County court records show.


According to the Review-Journal, the defendant previously pleaded guilty to domestic battery and was committed to a maximum-security psychiatric facility several years ago after being charged with kidnapping and grand theft, but was found incompetent to stand trial.Read More……

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