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A woman agreed to a 52-year prison sentence Wednesday after pleading guilty to the 2021 death of her boyfriend’s 5-year-old son in Houston, whose body she had kept hidden in a storage unit before it was discovered in a East Texas hotel. according to prosecutors. During a court hearing, Theresa Balboa, 31, pleaded guilty to murder in the death of Samuel Olson. Her guilty plea was part of a deal with prosecutors, who reduced her charge against him from capital murder to murder.

“This woman stole the world from a little boy with a big smile and a bright future, and there is no prison sentence long enough for someone like her,” Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in a statement. a statement.

Theresa Balboa Age

The age of Theresa Balboa is 31 years.


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Charges on Theresa Balboa

Anthony Osso, Balboa’s attorney, said her client will be eligible for parole after serving half of her sentence. “She didn’t want to put the victim’s family on trial, nor did she want to ultimately risk dying in prison. She has some light at the end of the tunnel with this alternative,” Osso said in a telephone interview after the hearing.

Balboa did not say anything during Wednesday’s court hearing. Sarah Olson, Samuel’s mother, disagreed with the prison sentence Balboa received. “She Today she admitted to what she did, for 52 years and the possibility of parole at 26. My son didn’t even get six years to live and she still has a chance for one? This is not justice,” Sarah Olson told reporters after the hearing.

Andy Kahan, director of victim services and advocacy for Crime Stoppers of Houston, said he and others will fight any attempt to release Balboa on parole. “And 26 years from now, God forbid, we’ll be there and make sure she never breathes fresh air again,” Kahan said.


Prosecutors said Balboa, who had been dating Samuel’s father, had been watching the boy in his suburban Houston apartment when he struck him with a “blunt object” on May 12, 2021. Samuel would have turned 6 years old. on May 29, 2021. Neither the weapon used to kill the boy nor the reason for his death were ever determined, according to prosecutors.Read More…….

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