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A 49-year-old mother in Texas was arrested earlier this week for allegedly shooting and killing her daughter’s boyfriend after the 34-year-old man dared her to “just shoot him.” Patricia Conlon was arrested Monday and charged with one count of murder in the killing of Justin Troutte, authorities announced.

According to a press release from the Dallas Police Department, DPD officers around 1:50 p.m. on Sunday, August 27, responded to a domestic disturbance call at a residence in the 4800 block of Ash Lane in Old East Dallas. Upon arriving at the scene, first responders found an adult male victim, later identified as Troutte, suffering from what appeared to be a gunshot wound.

Troutte succumbed to her injuries and was pronounced dead. Police arrested Conlon at the scene and charged her with Troutte’s murder. A copy of the arrest report obtained by Dallas Fox affiliate KDFW provided additional details about the circumstances of the shooting.


According to the report, Conlon and Troutte’s daughter had been in a relationship that the daughter described to police as an “ongoing domestic disturbance” since approximately December 2021. The daughter reportedly told police that Troutte was abusive and that one day before the shooting, he hit her in the face with a cell phone. She said she did not file a police report about the alleged physical altercation.

Patricia Conlon Age

The age of Patricia Conlon is 49 year.

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Charges on Patricia Conlon

On the day of the shooting, Conlon’s daughter allegedly called her mother and told her she was breaking up with Troutte and moving out of the Ash Lane home, which they shared with at least one other roommate, because of the alleged abuse at Troutte’s hands. . The daughter asked Conlon if she could come to the house and help her pack her personal belongings.


Conlon called police before arriving to help her daughter. Conlon’s daughter and Troutte’s roommate reportedly told police that when Conlon arrived at the residence, she entered through a side door and was visibly holding a gun, The Dallas Morning News reported. According to the affidavit, the roommate told police that Conlon then confronted Troutte, who was in the bathroom. The roommate reportedly said he could hear Conlon and Troutte yelling at each other, including Troutte saying, “Just shoot me,” before several gunshots rang out.

In an interview with police, Conlon allegedly claimed that when he entered Troutte’s home, his gun was hidden in his purse, but then allegedly admitted that he was already brandishing the firearm when he arrived, according to the Morning News. He allegedly further claimed that he only intended to keep Troutte in the bathroom until police arrived, reasoning that in the past he had fled after incidents of domestic abuse before police arrived.

Conlon reportedly said she only shot Troutte after he grabbed her arm and pulled her hair, claiming she “feared for her life.”  But in the affidavit, police allegedly wrote that a visibly armed Conlon “provoked” Troutte by entering his home with a gun. Because Conlon “provoked” Troutte and the inherent “unreasonableness of her actions involving the use of deadly force,” police said she could not justifiably claim self-defense and put her on trial. under arrest.Read More…..


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