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A Gold Coast councilor accused of murdering his stepfather will be released on $250,000 bail. Gold Coast City Division 7 councilor Ryan Donald Bayldon-Lumsden, 30, has been charged with murdering Robert Lumsden, 58, at the family home in Arundel around 3 p.m. afternoon of August 23. Bayldon-Lumsden was not present at the Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday for his bail application hearing, which lasted almost two hours.

Defense lawyer Craig Eberhardt KC said his client had been subject to an ongoing abusive and controlling relationship with his stepfather and that an argument between the two had escalated. “This is a crime committed against an egregious backdrop and a significant history of domestic violence,” Eberhardt said. He said Lumsden tripped and fell after Bayldon-Lumsden responded to the threats and jabs to the chest by pushing his stepfather backwards.

Ryan Donald Bayldon-Lumsden Age

The age of Ryan Donald Bayldon-Lumsden is 30 year.


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Charges on Ryan Donald Bayldon-Lumsden

Eberhardt said Bayldon-Lumsden feared his stepfather would take a kitchen knife and kill him, so he put both arms around his neck and strangled him, intending to knock him unconscious. Instead, Lumsden turned purple and could not be revived. Eberhardt said Bayldon-Lumsden intended to plead not guilty on the grounds of self-defense or preservation of life in an abusive domestic relationship and was not a flight risk.

The prosecution opposed bail on the basis that Lumsden’s autopsy showed that significant and prolonged force had been applied to his neck, resulting in a broken bone and ruptured blood vessels in his eyes. . The crown prosecutor pointed to Google searches for Bayldon-Lumsden conducted two days before the incident that showed him investigating manslaughter and the possibility of avoiding jail. Bayldon-Lumsden was elected to Gold Coast City Council in 2020, representing the council’s inner northern suburbs. Read More…….

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