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Philip H Dybvig is well recognized for his 1983 joint paper with Diamond, one of the most cited works in finance and economics. The Diamond-Dybvig model demonstrates how banks contribute to the generation of liquidity in the economy and how this liquidity creation exposes banks to runs in the absence of deposit insurance or other forms of protection.

Dybvig previously held a position at Yale University and taught at Princeton University. In addition to more than 35 publications in prestigious journals, he has published two textbooks. He has provided advice to individuals, companies and the government.

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Philip Dybvig Age

The Philip Dybvig Age is 67 years now.

Philip Dybvig, Charges of sexual harassment

A US university is investigating sexual harassment charges against a Nobel Prize-winning economist that the professor’s lawyer dismisses as “professional rivalry.”


According to his attorney Andrew Miltenberg, the Title IX office at Washington University in St Louis has been questioning Philip Dybvig, who shared this year’s Nobel Prize in economics for his research on bank failures, AP reports.

The charges, according to Miltenberg, are “factually inaccurate.” Dybvig, fellow economist Douglas W Diamond, and former Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke received the Nobel Prize in economics in October for their studies of bank failures, which drew on the lessons of the Great Depression and influenced the determined reaction of United States to the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The Nobel panel claimed that the discoveries of the early 1980s set the framework for regulating financial markets.

The Nobel committee of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said their work showed “why it is vital to avoid bank collapses.” The Title IX office, which deals with allegations of sexual harassment in schools, has reportedly contacted at least three former students since October to interview them about the Dybvig-related allegations, according to emails obtained by Bloomberg News. They are among a group of seven former students who claim Dybvig sexually harassed them, according to Bloomberg, who said he had spoken to them. Most of the women Bloomberg spoke with chose to remain anonymous.


The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, which oversees the prizes, contacted the institution to ensure they had a fair procedure for investigating complaints, according to Tore Ellingsen, chair of the Nobel Prize Committee for Economic Sciences.

“As long as the university hasn’t determined that Dybvig has done anything wrong, I think we owe him an unimpeachable celebration of his great scientific achievement,” Ellingsen told Bloomberg.

The timing of the charges is suspicious, according to Miltenberg, because they arose after the award was announced but before the ceremony. “We believe,” he said, “that this is a situation of professional rivalry.”


According to Miltenberg, Dybvig has no restrictions and had previously made plans to skip the spring semester of classes “long before” the allegations became public. The investigation is still in its early stages and the Title IX office wants to meet with Dybvig one more time, he added.Read More

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