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PENNSYLVANIA: Rachel Shoaf, one of the two teens who planned and carried out the brutal 2012 murder of her best friend Skylar Neese, has been denied parole. The parole hearing, attended by Skylar’s grieving parents, marked the first face-to-face meeting with one of her daughter’s killers in more than a decade.

Shoaf and his accomplice, Shelia Eddy, lured Skylar Neese from her home in West Virginia before stabbing her to death in Pennsylvania and dumping her body along the highway in July 2012. During the initial investigation and search efforts , Shoaf and Eddy feigned concern and acted like grieving friends. However, it wasn’t until early 2013 that 17-year-old Shoaf finally confessed to the heinous crime and pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, receiving a 30-year prison sentence with the possibility of parole after ten years.

During the initial parole hearing, Shoaf appeared via video link, expressing deep remorse and offering an apology to Skylar’s family. “I cannot express how sorry I am for what I did and the pain I caused,” she told Skylar’s family in a statement. “I loved her. I know what we did was terrible and there are no words to describe the pain we caused and I know there is nothing I can say or do,” according to WBOY 12 News.


Rachel Shoaf Age

The age of Rachel Shoaf was 17 that time

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Rachel Shoaf stabbed a teenage girl to death

I just pray for them all the time and I pray for peace in her hearts. She would trade places with Skylar so she could be with her loved ones. I just want you to know how sorry I am.” Shoaf also reportedly said, “I made a terrible, terrible mistake that I can’t change, but I’m not a bad person because I made a bad decision. ”

Skylar’s father, Dave Neese, provided a prepared statement at the hearing, in which he listed numerous reasons why he believed Shoaf should not be granted parole. “Because of that malicious monster, my daughter never got a limo to her prom. Instead, she got a ride in a forensic vehicle. Plus, there was no sparkly dress for Skylar, just a body bag. She’ll never have a graduation certificate, just a death certificate,” he said. “This cold-blooded, first-degree, narcissistic killer has no regrets for the brutal murder of my only daughter. I think she is proud that she murdered my daughter in cold blood. The day after she plunged kitchen knives into my daughter, this devil was seen on a friend’s boat, smiling and posing for pictures.”


Just another chore to check off his list, like standing over my son saying “Die, bitch!” when my girl took her last breath, because the evil butcher didn’t want to be her friend,” he continued. He said: “I wasn’t there to defend my little girl from this diabolical killer on July 6, 2012, but I am here today to do everything in my power to make sure she stays behind bars. This recluse has shown that she is evil and mentally unstable. No one can fix that kind of madness. I think if she gets paroled, she’ll kill again. Murder is a game to this inmate. This person has proven to be a narcissist and is a dangerous person who does not have the slightest remorse. This inmate destroyed so many lives when he murdered Skylar.” He added: “If she is released, no parent can close their eyes at night without fearing that his own child will be the next victim.”

Skylar’s father asked the parole board why Shoaf was given a second chance at life while Skylar was deprived of that opportunity, emphasizing his desire to create a world that is “as safe as possible of predators like this.” “I ask that you deny this diabolical butcher parole and let Skylar’s mother and I know that her killer will not be granted the reality of adulthood that our daughter was never allowed to experience.” concluded.

Before the hearing, an online petition garnered more than 33,000 signatures in support of keeping Shoaf behind bars. Currently incarcerated at the Lakin Correctional Center in Mason County, Shoaf will continue to serve her sentence. Meanwhile, Eddy, Shoaf’s accomplice, received a life sentence with the possibility of parole after 15 years. Although the motive for the murder was not initially revealed, Shoaf later confessed that the deterioration of their friendship and the fear of revealing their secret relationship were factors that led the couple to commit such a horrendous act. Shoaf said that she and Eddy were in a relationship and feared the consequences if they were exposed. “After things came out with the relationship, there was tension between us,” Shoaf said. He was hostile and violent, in our adolescent minds we didn’t know how he handles


The murder unfolded on July 6 and involved the girls picking up Skylar, smoking marijuana, and driving to Pennsylvania. Shoaf attributed some of his actions to being under the influence of drugs. Concealing kitchen knives, the two friends carried out a relentless stabbing attack on Skylar. Their intention was to bury the body but their physical strength failed them, so they abandoned it and covered it with rubble. Upon returning home, they continued to deceive Skylar’s family and even posted disturbing messages on social media platforms.

Skylar’s father recounted the deceitful actions of Shoaf and Eddy, including helping him distribute missing persons flyers and Eddy’s request to sit on Skylar’s bed. The revelation of the crime only came in early 2013 when Rachel Shoaf broke down and revealed the details, leading investigators to recover Skylar’s remains. Today, the site serves as a memorial to the young woman’s life, adorned with treasured photographs and memorabilia. Skylar’s parents, Dave and Mary Neese, have dedicated their efforts to Skylar’s Law, which advocates for the issuance of Amber Alerts for missing persons.

Internet users rejoiced at Shoaf’s denial of parole. One user tweeted: “Rachel Shoaf has been denied parole! I’m so happy for Mary and Dave, even though she won’t be bringing Skylar back, at least they can get a good night’s sleep!” Another added: “Apparently Rachel Shoaf’s last words to Skylar were ‘she dies bitch’. I’m glad she was denied parole.” A third tweeted: “I was asked: Do I think Rachel Shoaf should be granted parole? IF her behavior in prison, her self-improvement efforts, her remorse, and her release plan are good, yes. I believe in the latter opportunities once the sentence is passed by law. has been served”. “Rachel Shoaf has been denied parole! I’m so happy! Keep her in jail until she rots,” read one tweet. “What a horrible case. Those girls should never see blue skies again,” another user tweeted.Read More…….


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