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A mother of two who survived a shooting at a Dallas mall on Saturday revealed she was saved by an employee at one of the outlet’s many stores, at the cost of the anonymous worker’s life. Dallas native Racquel Lee was one of hundreds in attendance at the Allen Premium Outlets around 3:30 p.m. m. when the first shots rang out, which ultimately left eight people dead at the hands of 33-year-old gunman Mauricio GarcĂ­a.

Appearing for a video interview Sunday, her mother recalled how she began her impromptu shopping trip by stopping at the same H&M store where Garcia would arrive in her own car moments later and open fire. At the time, Lee was shopping, but she soon panicked when she and other shoppers heard the initial hail of bullets from the shooter.

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Racquel Lee was rescuid by a store keeper

In the ensuing chaos, the anonymous store associate rounded up a frantic Lee and 12 others, including several children, and hid them inside the store’s bathroom closet. The worker then left the group, and hours later, Lee was escorted away by police. Stepping out of it, Lee recalled noticing that among the mass of “bullets and bodies” outside it, was the same store worker who had hidden it just an hour before.

“The store clerk saved our lives,” Ella Lee tearfully told CBS News Texas on Sunday, and she ultimately cut the interview short after becoming overly emotional. “He was crouching down, like, ‘I hope we don’t get hit by a bullet,'” the near-victim added when the shots began. ‘And then the store clerk saved our lives.’

Earlier in the interview, Lee explained how she parked her white van, which some might recognize from aerial shots of the scene, in front of the H&M where she was seen the gunman pull up and open fire on a group that included children. . Lee said that immediately, even inside the store, she and other shoppers recognized that they were gunshots and ran for cover.


“The gunshots, it sounded like a war zone,” she recalled. “It was horrible and it felt like you were in a dream.” She went on to detail how once inside the closet, she and others seen in the footage shared by the mother with CBS tried desperately to hold back from crying for fear the gunman would find them.

She said people were also trying to call emergency services, but they had no service in the bathroom closet. “We were in a bathroom closet, and we were just in the closet trying not to be heard, crying, praying: people were trying to call 911, we couldn’t dial.” She tearfully added: “I remember thinking: Oh, God, he’s coming here next.”

Fortunately for her and others hiding in the bathroom, Garcia, a suspected neo-Nazi and Dallas resident, was killed by an Allen police officer who was on the scene and also heard the shots. The killer had fired more than 100 rounds and had more ammunition and weapons in his car when he was shot dead.


After the shooter was subdued, Lee was among hundreds of people escorted off the premises by state and local police officers, who discovered her and the others as they toured each of the outlet’s stores. Her recollection of the events that unfolded on Saturday afternoon comes after other accounts detailing the selfless actions of others that may have saved lives during the shooting.

A man who witnessed the shooting at the mall firsthand, Allen resident Steven Spainhouer, recalled being one of the first people to arrive on the scene, rushing to rescue his son from a clothing store where the attack began. of the now deceased gunman. At least one of those killed, Spainhouer recalled, was a child, whom he desperately tried to save after rushing to H&M, where his own son had been working.

Shortly before, around 3:30 pm, Spainhouer received a frantic call from his son notifying him that shots had been fired outside the store, with his relative still trapped inside. While that was happening, and before the arrival of other officers, Spainhouer, who is trained in CPR, attempted to resuscitate several people struck by the gunman’s initial hail of gunfire, including three he said could no longer be saved.


“The first girl I approached was crouching down covering her head in the bushes, so I felt her pulse, pulled her head to the side and she had no face,” he said of the first victim he came across, a young. girl. Still determined to salvage the disaster for the victims, Spainhouer recalled how he later found another boy, who survived the barrage of bullets by being covered by his protective mother, who said he was among the eight killed by the gunman. Read More…..

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