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An Arkansas man is accused of strangling his mother and storing her remains in a freezer, while faking social media posts to make it look like he moved to Hawaii and drawing significant money from her bank accounts to start their wedding as DJ. business, authorities allege. Raymond Martin Jr., 49, was booked into the Faulkner County Detention Center in the death of 68-year-old Nancy Glover-Warren, whose frozen remains were found in the home they shared with the suspect’s disabled brother, who she cared for. In addition to the capital murder charge, Martin faces charges of abuse of a corpse, forgery, fraudulent use of a credit/debit card and theft of property, police said in a news release.

While police believe the victim was murdered on April 19, an affidavit filed in Faulkner County Circuit Court and obtained by Law&Crime explains how the gruesome crime came to light on June 24. Conway police responded to a welfare check request at the home on June 24. Zachary Trail after family members last reported that Glover-Warren heard from her via text in late April, saying she’s gone to Hawaii and decided to retire there. “This seemed strange to the family as this news came to them without warning,” the affidavit reads. “They also found it strange that Nancy would leave her 48-year-old son, who requires ongoing support due to his cognitive abilities and significant needs.”

Once at the house, the police were unable to find anyone. But shortly after knocking on the door, police learned that the family began receiving messages from her phone number, saying she was angry that the police were called and embarrassed that they were talking to their neighbors, according to the court document.


In several messages, she allegedly told her family members that she spent her entire life taking care of her family and that it was time for her to “enjoy her retirement.” “She went on to explain that she had started a relationship with someone in Hawaii and that she is very happy-go-lucky there,” the affidavit reads.

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The age of Raymond Martin Jr is 49 year.

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Raymond Martin Jr killed her mother

Martin also sent a text message to family members saying that the police visit “had upset her mother very much,” the document says. She allegedly said that they contacted the police department and spoke with the officers. “The family also received multiple credible and well-crafted text messages from Nancy explaining the situation,” the document says.


The suspect allegedly told police that he went to Hawaii for her mental health at the suggestion of a doctor, he contacted her weekly and spoke to her on the phone. When police asked if they could speak to her, he said they couldn’t until January, according to the affidavit.

The investigation intensified when a friend received a text on July 5 saying she was reading on the beach, police said. When the friend asked for a photo, she got one: an edited image of a beach in Hawaii from a news article, the affidavit says.

Due to “inconsistent stories, lack of logical reasoning for the sudden move, doctored images from Nancy’s phone, and ongoing concern for her well-being,” authorities said a search warrant was issued for the location of Nancy’s cell phone. she. The location data traced her phone not to a tropical Hawaiian beach, but to the address of her home on Zachary Trail, according to the affidavit.


Police have learned that officers were called to the home two days before they believed the victim was dead, after an argument between mother and son near their home on April 17 prompted a disturbance call to police. . When police arrived, Martin told officers that he had been drinking, acting erratically and that his mental health was deteriorating due to a fall and multiple strokes, according to the affidavit.

“Officers noted Nancy’s confused mental state,” the affidavit reads. Family members said she and Martin, who had been living with her for two to three years while he was unemployed, did not get along. They told police they had heard “hostile conversations” between the two. She also told them that she was afraid of him and that if anything happened to him, he would be the one to do it, the affidavit says.

Police later learned that she allegedly forged a check in her name for about $6,000 and fabricated the Hawaii story in posts she posted to her Facebook account from her home, according to the document.


While in custody, Martin initially told investigators the fabricated story about her trip to Hawaii, but when police found her frost-covered body in a large upright freezer in the garage and confronted him about it, he eventually admitted to killing her, saying they had a troubled relationship, police said in the affidavit.

She allegedly told police that she believed she had dementia and that she had become violent with him more often. She also claimed that she pushed him and called him derogatory names based on her sexual orientation, according to the affidavit. Martin claimed to investigators that she killed her mother after she pushed him down the stairs and attacked him with a knife while they were planning a cookout, according to court documents.

The defendant allegedly told police that he grabbed her from behind and strangled her unconscious, describing how he forcefully held her throat until she died, according to the affidavit. He then he took a bag from the kitchen to put on his head because he couldn’t look at it. “She had a single tear running down her cheek,” the affidavit quotes her son speaking to investigators. He then allegedly wrapped her in a moving blanket and placed her in the freezer.


Police said Martin admitted to posting the false posts on Facebook the day after he killed her, which police say happened on April 19. She said she came up with the story about Hawaii after one of her family members died, forcing a “time contraction.” the affidavit said.

After his death, police allege he immediately began making large purchases with his debit card and withdrawing cash from ATMs. When asked by police what his plan was, he allegedly said that he wanted to open a DJ business with his brother and DJ weddings and dances, according to the affidavit.

When asked by an investigator why he didn’t show up, he allegedly said, “There wouldn’t be any money to pay for the house if it wasn’t for his bills.” It was not clear Saturday if he had an attorney. His arraignment is scheduled for Aug. 14 and he has yet to enter a guilty plea, court records show.Read More……



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