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A new crime drama series will delve into the heartbreaking true story of a 14-year-old girl who was cruelly murdered by her peers. Hulu’s Under The Bridge will reveal the heartbreaking story of Reena Virk, who was attacked by eight teenagers, seven girls and one boy, at a gathering in Saanich in British Columbia, Canada, in 1997.

Initially, he was allowed to stumble into her home, but was followed by two of the original offenders, 16-year-old Warren Glowatski and 15-year-old Kelly Ellard, who continued the brutal beating before dumping Reena’s unconscious body. to a channel. Reena was found dead by authorities eight days later and the unlikely killers were tried as adults due to the seriousness of her crime. Here, FEMAIL has exposed the disturbing realities surrounding Reena’s death. Reena, who attended a predominantly white school, had long been bullied for being a trespasser.

Friends of hers said that she was self-conscious about her weight and struggled with self-esteem. She also dealt with the burden of her parents’ strict religious rules, as the couple had converted from Hinduism to become Jehovah’s Witnesses. The troubled teen made a desperate attempt to separate from her parents after running away from the family home and was placed in the care of her grandparents. But, after not agreeing to that arrangement, she was soon moved into a group foster home.


As she battled turmoil and still dreamed of fitting in with those around her, the then 14-year-old was delighted to receive an invite from her classmates to hang out. The meeting, held on November 14, 1997, was scheduled to take place near the Craigflower Bridge, which spans the inner channel of the gorge. But not everything was what it seemed. Reena arrived to find the teens smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol before a small group turned on the unsuspecting attendee over claims that she had been spreading rumors about them.

Reena Virk Age

The age of Reena Virk was 14 year.

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Who killed Reena Virk

Eight youths, who were members of the Shoreline Six gang, beat Reena, put out lit cigarettes on her forehead, and attempted to set her hair on fire. The assault eventually subsided and a desperate Reena was able to free herself in an attempt to return home. But she was followed by two of the teens: Warren Glowatski, 16, and Kelly Ellard, 15, who dragged her under the bridge and continued to beat her unconscious. The duo then rolled her body into the canal and Ellard was accused of holding Reena’s head underwater until she drowned, which she denied.


Her parents reported her missing at the time, but authorities did little to intervene given Reena’s troubled history of runaways. The police took eight days to find her body. Reena’s autopsy revealed that her head injuries likely would have killed the teen had she not drowned.

The Shoreline Six reportedly agreed not to ‘snitch on each other’ as speculation continued to swirl around the school. Eventually, other students overheard the killers bragging about the murder, and the police found out the truth. Glowatski and Ellard were arrested and charged with aggravated assault and murder and, despite their age, were tried in adult court due to the extreme nature of the crime.

In February 1998, the other six girls involved in the initial attack were tried in juvenile court with their identities protected. Three of the girls pleaded guilty to assault with bodily harm and the other three were convicted of the same offense at trial. Glowatski was found guilty of second-degree murder and received a life sentence. He took responsibility for his crime in prison and enrolled in a restorative justice program that included reconciliation with the Virk family before being released in June 2010.


Ellard was convicted of second-degree murder in March 2000, but the conviction was overturned on appeal because she did not receive a fair trial. She was released pending a new trial but, while she was out, she was charged with assaulting a 58-year-old woman in a Vancouver park. Ellard was sent back to prison to await her second trial in June 2004, where she claimed that others killed Reena.

The jury deadlocked and a mistrial was declared. It received a third trial in April 2005 with Ellard again found guilty of second-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison without parole eligibility for seven years. The conviction was overturned on appeal but, this time, the Supreme Court of Canada reinstated the conviction and sentence.

The Canadian Encyclopedia reported: ‘[Ellard] eventually changed her name to Kerry Sim and, in 2016, gave birth to a boy conceived during a conjugal visit with her new boyfriend, an ex-convict. “By 2020, when she was in her thirties, Ellard had a second child with the same partner and was receiving probation as part of a program to reintegrate her into the community.”


Glowatski, who testified against Ellard in two of her trials, has since been pardoned by Reena’s family. Her mother, Suman, previously told The Globe and Mail: “I think the biggest reason we have forgiven Warren is so we can put this whole thing aside and for our own healing and sense of wholeness. “. Subsequently, Reena’s family started a campaign to raise awareness about bullying and violence among teens.

They received the Anthony J. Hulme Award of Distinction for her work in 2009. Sadly, Suman Virk died in June 2018, aged 58, following a choking accident while eating at a restaurant. The Under The Bridge docuseries has been inspired by Rebecca Godfrey’s 2019 book of the same name. There is no official release date yet.Read More…….

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