Detail of Robbery at Tennessee mall

FRANKLIN, TENNESSEE – Dramatic video captured officers disrupting a robbery in progress at a Tennessee shopping mall. Just before 8 pm on November 4, an attentive worker at the Jared Diamond store inside the Thoroughbred Village Shop Center in Franklin, Tennessee, called police. According to a news release from the department, the person he called noted that a person was wearing a sweatshirt, a surgical mask, a hat and sunglasses, which they found strange given that it was at night.

The suspect was followed as he was leaving the area in a vehicle carrying other passengers by an undercover police officer parked nearby as part of the department’s “Not at Our Mall” operation. Minutes later, according to authorities, the vehicle entered the fire lane in front of JCPenney at CoolSprings Galleria. As the situation developed, Franklin police officers pursued four masked men who had exited the van and entered the store.

The four suspects inside the mall began breaking glass with sledgehammers in an effort to steal jewelry from the display cases. One of the perpetrators of the incident pepper-sprayed a worker, while another attempted to take an officer’s gun as the latter was making an arrest. Police chased four suspects and body camera footage captures the moments officers approached at least one of them inside the mall. In the video, a police officer can be seen chasing one of the masked criminals as they make a hasty flee to the JCPenney store. Later, as another suspect was trying to leave the store, another police officer is seen accosting him.


“This all unfolded while the store was open, with customers and employees shocked on the lookout,” the news release commented. The other three suspects escaped on foot, but police were able to detain a suspect and the driver at the JCPenney site. K9 teams and additional police officers also joined the chase. Police later detained two other suspects in a neighboring parking lot, but one fled the scene. Police are currently searching for the third remaining suspect.

The four suspects have been charged with aggravated robbery, vandalism and evading arrest. Meanwhile, several users on social media came out and praised the officers on duty when one person said, “Nice catch.” “Southern justice hats off to our dedicated officers,” added another. Someone pointed out, “I hope the police caught them!” “This is why cops need real guns,” another user commented.

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