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A woman raped by a West Virginia high school teacher Ronald Paul Harris some 12 years ago is now suing him, the school district and the school’s former principal, recounting the abuse in graphic detail and alleging officials failed in their duty to protect her, and probably others.

Last year, Ronald Paul Harris, 63, pleaded guilty to one count of sexual abuse by a person in a position of trust. He is currently serving a prison sentence of 10 to 20 years for that conviction for the incidents at Oak Glen High School, where the defendant was a history teacher, head of the school’s broadcast department, and served as the girls’ basketball coach. . .

The survivor, now 27, is seeking unspecified monetary damages and attorneys’ fees. Identified only by his initials, E.H. is suing her admitted abuser for assault and battery, sexual assault/molestation, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.


Her parents are also plaintiffs in the lawsuit. They say they lost the “filial consortium” because they “witnessed and experienced daily the effects of the trauma suffered by their teenage daughter despite not knowing the source of the trauma until years later.”

Ronald Paul Harris Age

The age of Ronald Paul Harris is 63 years.

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Ronald Paul Harris raped a student

According to the lawsuit filed in Hancock Circuit Court in late April, the Hancock County Board of Education and then-high school assistant principal David Smith knew or should have known about the abuse, and a general culture of sexual predation that permeated Hancock. county schools. Smith is now the principal of Oak Glen High School.


Among the most egregious aspects of the students’ daily lives was the poorly kept secret that Harris had a “Top 10 List” of the most attractive high school girls and that the school board had caught him masturbating on the grounds of the college. school, at least twice. members, a witness said, according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the complaint says another male high school employee created a sexually provocative nickname for E.H. when he was 13, a year before the sexual abuse occurred and another employee used class time to discuss his sexual preferences with students, and another employee often made jokes about pregnant students carrying his child, and that He asked female students to sit on his lap during class.

“The Board knew or should have known of the open, egregious, and sexually charged culture that existed within Hancock County schools,” the lawsuit obtained by West Virginia Record says. “Other Board employees contributed to this horrible culture/environment.”


The suit accuses Smith and the board of negligent supervision, negligent retention, negligent training and violation of a state law that requires school personnel to alert police to suspected child abuse. The lawsuit also alleges that the three defendants violated the West Virginia Human Rights Law.

“Part of what we want to know is who else could have prevented this,” one of the woman’s lawyers, Zachary Stewart, told The Record. “And there may be other victims or witnesses to Mr. Harris, so we’re asking for everyone’s help to help bring justice to light.” EH was being groomed in high school, the lawsuit says, and Harris later arranged for her to help him grade papers and set up her classroom when she was a freshman in high school. It was then that the sexual abuse began.

“Harris talked about his desire to kiss and caress E.H. and informed her that he was saving money for a “runaway” marriage when E.H. he turned 18 years old,” the complaint says. “Harris would take E.H. in the media room storage closet, which was connected to his regular classroom by an interior door, and request that E.H. remove her shirt and proceed to remove his own.


Defendant Harris would remove E.H.’s bra, hug her tightly, and suck on her breasts. Defendant Harris then masturbated in front of and on E.H. Defendant Harris reached into E.H. and he abused her by touching her and penetrating her vagina.” Such “horrific sexual abuse” occurred at least 10 times, according to the complaint. Meanwhile, filing claims, Smith and the school district board were “well aware” that E.H. she visited the school at Harris’s request and spent time alone with him in his classroom.

On one occasion, the lawsuit alleges that “Smith attempted to gain access to Defendant Harris’s classroom when he was sexually abusing E.H., but when he discovered the door was locked, he simply stopped trying and started walking down the hall.” As Smith walked away at this point, “Harris abruptly appeared in the hallway with E.H. and nervously called defendant Smith,” and the two men had a conversation, the lawsuit alleges.

“Harris was sweating profusely, visibly and audibly nervous, and apparently anxious, but defendant Smith failed to address the locked door situation, while E.H. was clearly in Defendant Harris’s classroom with him, or Defendant Harris’ extremely bizarre and culpable behavior,” the filing reads.


Law&Crime reached out to Smith and an attorney representing the school district for comment on this story, but there were no responses at the time of publication. “She’s a tough young woman, but certainly this has shaped her whole life,” E.H.’s other lawyer, Mary Pat Statler, told The Weirton Daily Times. She “She went through a trauma that no child should go through: she fights every day, she just fights to get through it all.”Read More……

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