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A Marks & Spencer security guard faces a lengthy prison sentence today after a unanimous jury found him guilty of killing a homeless man he suspected of stealing meat. It took a jury four hours of deliberation to convict the father of three children Sabeur Trabelsi, 44, of involuntary manslaughter. Trabelsi had delivered a ‘coup de grace’ to the head of homeless man Jason Page near the supermarket in Lower Earley, near Reading, Berkshire, on March 31 last year, the court had previously heard.

Page fell to the ground, hitting his head so hard that he never recovered from his injuries and died at the hospital. Trabelsi was hired to work at the M&S supermarket in Lower Earley, Berkshire, following a series of thefts of expensive meat and alcohol. Trabelsi, who told police: ‘I was frustrated, I know I shouldn’t have done it’, was caught on chilling CCTV footage delivering the fatal blow to Mr Page.

Sabeur Trabelsi Age

The age of Sabeur Trabelsi is 44 years.


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Sabeur Trabelsi accused of killing a homeless man

After being arrested, Trabelsi tried to claim that Mr. Page, 51, fell because he was drunk and hit his head and denied that he had punched him. However, security camera footage seen by the jury showed that he was punched. Jurors convicted Trabelsi of manslaughter and perversion of the course of justice. The manslaughter conviction means the M&S guard could be jailed for up to eight years.

The store manager, Elliot Cripps, who followed Trabelsi out of the store as he pursued Mr Page, was cleared of perverting the course of justice and walked free from Reading Crown Court. Judge Amjad Nawaz rejected a request by Trabelsi’s defense lawyer to grant him bail “to put his affairs in order” before he was jailed and he was sent to cells below Crown Court. He will be posted at Bullingdon Prison in Bicester pending sentencing on June 12.

Summarizing his case, the prosecution said Trabelsi, of Kings Road in Reading, Berkshire, had told police in one of several interviews: “I was frustrated, I know I shouldn’t have done it.” The jury of eight men and four women adjourned Wednesday afternoon to consider whether Trabelsi was guilty of manslaughter. They heard that the fatal blow occurred on Trabelsi’s last day of work for Marks and Spencer.


Thirty minutes before the store closed, the security guard chased Mr Page out of the store after he and an accomplice were seen on CCTV “blatantly” stuffing a bag with expensive meat and taking a case of Moretti beer at the go out. The jury was told that Trabelsi continued to chase Mr Page into the nearby BP garage on Chalfont Way and was followed by Mr Cripps, the M&S store manager, in an attempt to retrieve the bag of meat.

Security cameras broadcast to jurors showed Mr. Page being tackled to the ground while Mr. Cripps managed to retrieve the meat. As Mr. Page got back to his feet, Trabelsi delivered a ‘knockout’ to him, causing him to fall backwards and crash to the pavement. He died a short time later from his injuries.

Trabelsi told jurors that Page, 51, had threatened to stab him with a needle when he punched her. He also argued that he slapped Mr. Page instead of hitting him.Read More…….


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