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GEORGIA: Kentavious White 26 allegedly involved in the mass shooting killed his mother and grandmother before carrying out the mass attack. According to police, the suspect later committed suicide before shooting his family members to death. Georgia gunman shoots family and worker at McDonald’s five killed.

Kentavious White Age

The age of Kentavious  is 26 years.

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Kentavious White accused of killing four

In the mass shooting, authorities confirmed that at least four people were killed after the gunman targeted multiple locations, including a McDonald’s restaurant in Moultrie, Georgia, where he previously worked


The Colquitt County Coroner confirmed the slaying by the shooter in neighboring homes in Moultrie. Witnesses also reported that the woman who died at the fast food restaurant was the manager and even the shooter used to work there.

Sabrina Holweger told the Associated Press news agency that the murder occurred as the woman was opening the door to let him into her shift early in the morning. In addition, she claimed that the woman’s body was lying at the door of the restaurant even before 8 a.m. when police personnel were covering the area, the Daily Mail reports.Read More……

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